Jaime Reviews ~ Clanless (Nameless #2) by Jennifer Jenkins

By Jennifer Jenkins
Published on October 4, 2016
Published by: Month9Books
Source: Month9Books
Striker Gryphon has lost his position of honor among the Ram, and is now a hunted man. A traitor. 

Zo, the object of his affection, was murdered by members of his former clan. To honor her memory, he journeys to the highly secretive Raven “Nest” to warn strangers of their impending demise—though it could cost him more than just his pride.

He doesn’t know that Zo is very much alive and in another part of the region assisting Nameless refugees over a mountain swarming with wild men known as “Clanless.” 

As each struggle to make sense of what their lives have become, they fight and claw to reach the Allied Camp, their last hope in bringing peace to the region. 

But the road back to one another is treacherous and uncertain. And freedom will come with a price.

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I really wish now that I had waited for the last book. THAT ENDING! Anyway, Nameless was such a special book, and I worried that Clanless might not live up to it, but I shouldn't have worried. Jennifer Jenkins knows exactly what she is doing. She knows how to write a wonderful story!

Clanless begins right after the ending of Nameless, and it is one heck of a beginning. From almost the second I started reading my heart started pounding, and it didn't let up very often. Gryphon and Zo are truly amazing characters, and on their own they could hold an entire series together. But not only do we get these two, we get other characters that bring something even MORE to this series. Gabe, Stone, Joshua and Tess, to name a few. Every character brings something new to a story already brimming with so much heart-pounding action, and overwhelming emotion.

In Clanless, Zo and Gryphon are separated, running from the Ram and trying to save countless others who are on the run. We meet all new characters, and the Clanless. So much happens in Clanless, from beginning to end, and you can't help but keep your eyes glued to the pages.

Nameless had a rough ending, and I was so happy to get my hands on Clanless. Now, I am sweating it out, waiting on the next book in the series. Jennifer Jenkins works magic with her words, and leaves you wanting more and more. Well, I'm ready for more now! If you haven't started this series, go for it! Don't hesitate! 

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