Jaime Reviews ~ The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics

By Amy Lukavics
Published on September 27, 2016
Published by: Harlequin Teen
Source: Around the World ARC Tours
Lucy Acosta's mother died when she was three. Growing up in a Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods with her cold, distant father, she explored the dark hallways of the estate with her cousin, Margaret. They're inseparable—a family.  

When her aunt Penelope, the only mother she's ever known, tragically disappears while walking in the woods surrounding their estate, Lucy finds herself devastated and alone. Margaret has been spending a lot of time in the attic. She claims she can hear her dead mother's voice whispering from the walls. Emotionally shut out by her father, Lucy watches helplessly as her cousin's sanity slowly unravels. But when she begins hearing voices herself, Lucy finds herself confronting an ancient and deadly legacy that has marked the women in her family for generations.

The Women in the Walls...

Horror is one of my favorite genres, and I am constantly on the lookout for a great YA horror. It seems like every time I think I have found the one, it ends up being a disappointment. I was hoping that The Women in the Walls was going to be that perfect YA horror, but unfortunately, it just... wasn't.

I will keep this one short, since I hate to write negative reviews. Quick and basic, nitty gritty...
Lucy Acosta has lived in the Acosta mansion for her entire life. Her mother died when she was little, leaving her and her father alone in the house until her mothers sister and niece came to live with them. Lucy has always thought of her Aunt Penelope as her mom, and loves her and trusts her so much. Her cousin Margaret is her best friend, and they have always enjoyed each others company. Everything Lucy knows changes when, one night, she watches her aunt walk into the woods in the middle of winter with no coat, from the library window. When Penelope doesn't return, Lucy's already unusual and very cold world begins to unravel faster and faster.

For the sake of no spoilers, I won't give any details away. I am sure that there will be people who will love this book, and I don't want to ruin anything for them. The Women in the Walls tells the story of a haunting, of sorts. More things are brought ot light throughout the story, other people are brought in. There are stories within stories here, and I think it could have worked out better than it did, for me. My biggest issue with the book was the lack of character building. I couldn't for the life of me get invested in any of these characters. Everything felt very shallow. The scares weren't scary, the parties weren't glamorous enough, the characters were flat and the ending, the final reveal, was just silly. I hate to be this mean about a book, about an authors baby, but sometimes something just doesn't work, and for me this was one of them.

However, please don't read this review and decide not to read the book. Just because it wasn't for me doesn't mean it won't end up being one of your favorites. So, if you are a horror newbie, or only like a teensy bit of the creeps, give this one a shot. If you like a deep, dark and scary horror, maybe try to find another one to read. 

Jaime Lynn

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