Hair in All the Wrong Places: The Perils of Growing Up Werewolf by Andrew Buckley ~ Tour Review and Giveaway

By Andrew Buckley
Published on June 7, 2016
Published by: Month9Books
Source: Month9Books
What has he done? 

What's happening to him? 

And what on Earth is that smell? 

For Colin Strauss, puberty stinks. Blackouts, hallucinations, and lapses in memory are the perils of growing up werewolf. 

Worse than that, Colin worries he might have had something to do with the recent attacks on the townspeople. He may have eaten a person. It doesn’t matter that it’s someone he doesn’t particularly like. What kind of boy goes around eating people? 

Foolishly, all Colin can think about is how Becca Emerson finally kissed him for the first time. Yep, hormones are afoot. Yikes! 

But girls will have to wait. Collin better get himself under control before someone else ends up hurt or worse . . . dead.

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Hair in All the Wrong Places...

Cole's life basically sucks. Shuffled from place to place by his parents, who are too concerned with jobs and money to care for him, he finally ends up living with his grandmother. She is blind and cruel beyond words, always taking any opportunity to make him feel worthless. The town they live in is tiny, one of those "everyone knows everyone" types. And everyone knows he is an outsider. Kids at school are terrible to him, with the exception of his one friend Jeremy. And Becca...beautiful, goth Becca, who seems to have a crush on him FINALLY! But things are about to go from bad to just plain strange for Cole.

One evening after school, and another beat down from the bullies, Cole has had enough. He decided to take his late grandpa's car and go find his parents, beg them to let him stay. He never makes it though. Out of nowhere, a creature attacks the car and he ends up in the woods, in pain, with strange images flowing through his mind. Yet, when he wakes up, he is at home in bed. Thinking it was all a dream, Cole heads to school. All seems normal.... until it just.... IS... NOT!!

Hair in all the Wrong Places is a highly entertaining, adventurous story with a ton of humor, a little bit of romance, and mysteries abound. I had a blast reading this book, as I thought I would with a title as perfect as this one! There is never a dull moment. and it was interesting trying to anticipate all the twists and turns. Cole is a great character, one who deserves a huge pat on the back. I rooted for him from the get-go.

This book is so unique, truly, which is something that I highly appreciate. And look out for the twist at the end! I don't care how old you are, I think this is a book pretty much everyone could enjoy. Go ahead and give it a shot. And before I forget, the beginning is a letter to readers, and it was the PERFECT way to start this book. Automatic hook!

About the Author...

Andrew Buckley attended the Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program. After pitching and developing several screenplay projects for film and television, he worked in marketing and public relations, before becoming a professional copy and content writer. During this time Andrew began writing his first adult novel, DEATH, THE DEVIL AND THE GOLDFISH, followed closely by his second novel, STILTSKIN. He works as an editor for Curiosity Quills Press.

Andrew also co-hosts a geek movie podcast, is working on his next novel, and has a stunning amount of other ideas. He now lives happily in the Okanagan Valley, BC with three kids, one cat, one needy dog, one beautiful wife, and a multitude of characters that live comfortably inside of his mind.

Andrew is represented by Mark Gottlieb at the Trident Media Group.

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