Jaime's #TheShelfieHop

Hi y'all! Welcome to my (very messy, double and triple-stacked) shelves! And the cedar chest that acts as my overflow bookshelf. I have big plans for shelves that will fit all of my books, but I have to find time to build them.. Dreams! Anyway, enjoy the view! For one lucky peruser, enjoy a book (or maybe two, from my shelf to yours! Without further ado...

My Shelves!

Here's the Giveaway, if you are interested...

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  1. Messy ? Your book shelves are beautiful. There is no such thing as too many books but if you think there are box 'em and put 'em under the bed : )

  2. I try to stay organized with my books by going through them regularly and giving the ones I don't want to people who would love to read them! I prefer to mainly keep only my favorites!

  3. My books were double stacked like yours before me move, now I have to figure out how to organize them to avoid this. Or I might have a giveaway.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

  4. Your books aren't messy! At least you don't have tall piles books everywhere like I do. lol I'm not sure what book I would pick if I happened to win but it would probably be a YA fantasy.

  5. I'd love to give you advice, but my shelves are just as messy :)


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