Jaime Reviews ~ Briar Queen by Katherine Harbour

By Katherine Harbour
Published on June 2nd, 2015
Published by Harper Voyager
Source: Edelweiss
The dark, moody, and mystical fantasy begun in Thorn Jack, the first novel in the Night and Nothing series, continues in this bewitching follow up—an intriguing blend of Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alice in Wonderland, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream—in which Finn Sullivan discovers that her town, Fair Hollow, borders a dangerous otherworld . . .

Serafina Sullivan and her father left San Francisco to escape the painful memory of her older sister Lily Rose’s suicide. But soon after she arrived in bohemian Fair Hollow, New York, Finn discovered a terrifying secret connected to Lily Rose. The placid surface of this picture-perfect town concealed an eerie supernatural world—and at its center, the wealthy, beautiful, and terrifying Fata family.

Though the striking and mysterious Jack Fata tried to push Finn away to protect her, their attraction was too powerful to resist. To save him, Finn—a girl named for the angels and a brave Irish prince—banished a cabal of malevolent enemies to shadows, freeing him from their diabolical grip.

Now, the rhythm of life in Fair Hollow is beginning to feel a little closer to ordinary. But Finn knows better than to be lulled by this comfortable sense of normalcy. It’s just the calm before the storm. For soon, a chance encounter outside the magical Brambleberry Books will lead her down a rabbit hole, into a fairy world of secrets and legacies . . . straight towards the shocking truth about her sister’s death.

Lush and gorgeously written, featuring star-crossed lovers and the collision of the magical and the mundane, Briar Queen will appeal to the fans of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling Mortal Instruments series and Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely.

My Thoughts

  Goodreads, you need to add a special rating section, where a reviewer can add as many stars as they want to for special books. Because Briar Queen, and Katherine Harbour, deserves more than just five stars. What an absolutely beautiful, heart-wrenching, emotional story we are told, through the eyes of some of the most richly imagined, poignant characters that I have ever read. I cannot wait to sit down and try to put words to what I feel for this story, and the first book in the series, Thorn Jack. Utterly amazing. Wow! Now, when they heck do we get book 3?!

  Thorn Jack, and now Briar Queen, have easily become two of my favorite...EVER... books. Katherine Harbour has killer skills when it comes to writing. I fell in love from the first page, and when I finished the last I was brokenhearted. The characters are some of the best that I have come across. The world in this story, The Ghostlands especially, are so well written, the descriptions beautiful and haunting. And finally, the relationships in the story, be they romantic or friendship, were perfection, even when they were anything but. 

  Thorn Jack and Briar Queen stand out among the standouts for me, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what this brilliant author has in store for us next! I would recommend this series to anyone. Especially if you like dark and maybe creepy! 

   Thank you to Edelweiss for allowing me access to this story for review!

  5 Stars!


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