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*The book contains adult content and is appropriate for ages 17+*


I signed up for the Everlasting tour a couple of months ago with no idea what to expect. I had read the synopsis, but no reviews, so for me that is basically going in blind. For once, I can say that was a wonderful thing, Every page was another surprise, and I knew fairly early on that I had found a series that would easily be added to my favorites. When the opportunity arose to be a tour host for Evernight for Candace Knoebel, I knew there was no way in the world I could pass it up. It paid off in spades. Everlasting is a fantastic book, but Evernight takes the series to a completely different level!
Faye and her team are in Ethyreal City, being held separately, questioned and experimented on. Finally, they are released and are told they will be trained to be Elite's. Faye trusts someone she should not have, and is taken away from Jaxen and her friends, tortured in unimaginable ways. Their is a plan in place and she is the tool to be used to accomplish this plan. Faye almost loses herself in Evernight. She almost succumbs to becoming someone, something else, but thanks to the amazing people in her life, she is able to break away. She shows some amazing growth in this book, and it is a pure pleasure to see.
Every one of the characters in this story is spot on, whether it be the lovable jackass Wheldon, one of my personal favorites, or Jezi who is really trying to overcome her feelings and be a stronger person. Jaxen is also not the same boy he was in Everlasting. He has 100& given himself over to Faye, and is allowing himself to love and be loved in return.
Speaking of love, the relationship that was sweet, chaotic, frustrating in book 1 has become a full on romance. Full of tension! There are some seriously steamy moments in this book, and I loved it. I love watching Faye and Jaxen grow together as a couple, be protective of one another, but also allow each other to be exactly who they are. One of my favorite bookish relationships to date!
Wheldon is the comic relief in the story, but we also get to know Wheldon, who he truly is without the cover his humor provides. It only makes him more amazing.
Evernight is nonstop from beginning to end, with romance, tension, heartache, anger and action. Serious character growth, fantastic world-building! I don't want to give a single thing about this plot away, because it is so intensely good to read it and see it develop page by page. I honestly cannot think of one single negative thing to say about this book, other than THAT ENDING! There is a minor cliffhanger, but the story wraps up at a great place. It leaves you wanting more, but it doesn't make you want to throw the book because it "ended there? Are you kidding me?"... My issue with the end is that it ended, and now we have to wait for the next book and that hurts me! But wait I will, and I will be ready to pounce the day book 3 is released!
Candace Knoebel is a fantastic author. She knows how to give us characters that we can truly love and root for, and characters that we wish were real so we could punch them in the face. She knows how to write a story that makes you feel, and those are two things that are absolutely necessary to make me love a story. And I absolutely love this story! Highly recommended read!

5 Stars!

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