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Blog Tour and Release Blitz~ Evernight by Candace Knoebel~ Review (by Jaime) and Giveaway!

*The book contains adult content and is appropriate for ages 17+* _____________________________________________________________________________________ AVAILABLE NOW!
Review I signed up for the Everlasting tour a couple of months ago with no idea what to expect. I had read the synopsis, but no reviews, so for me that is basically going in blind. For once, I can say that was a wonderful thing, Every page was another surprise, and I knew fairly early on that I had found a series that would easily be added to my favorites. When the opportunity arose to be a tour host for Evernight for Candace Knoebel, I knew there was no way in the world I could pass it up. It paid off in spades. Everlasting is a fantastic book, but Evernight takes the series to a completely different level!
Faye and her team are in Ethyreal City, being held separately, questioned and experimented on. Finally, they are released and are told they will be trained to be Elite's. Faye trusts someone she should not have, …

BLOG TOUR: Operation Chimera

Operation Chimera By Matthew S. Cox & Tony Healey Published on October 20th 2014
Published by Curiosity Quills Press
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Generations of war with the savage Draxx have left humanity desperate for a way to gain the upper hand.

A chance to turn the tide in their favor is all legendary Captain Nicholas Driscoll needs to hear to lead an expedition behind enemy lines to the Chimera Nebula - a region of space so unstable it remains largely uncharted.

Lieutenant Michael Summers sees an opportunity to matter, a chance to let future generations exist in a universe without constant war. He and other brave young cadets join the Manhattan for its first dangerous mission - to penetrate the Chimera Nebula and discover what it is the Draxx are doing in there.

But first the ship and her crew will be tested by enemies both outside and within . . .
Operation Chimera is a fast moving sci-fi novel which follows a group of rookie pilots, fresh from the Academ…

SPOTLIGHT: Enscrolled (The Division Chronicles: Book Three)

We're pleased to spotlight Enscrolled, the third book in The Division Chronicles series, by Connie L. Smith.  Keep reading to check out an excerpt from the book!  

Enscrolled By Connie L. Smith Published on October 14th 2014 In the aftermath of the latest battle, the stakes are higher than ever before, time hardly an ally to Nicholai’s army of paranormal soldiers. The Tomes remain hidden, and the clock is ticking for the Essenced tainted with the demon’s incurable toxin. And beyond those worries, reason exists to suspect that magic might be vanishing, a twist that could insurmountably cripple the army’s capabilities prior to the war’s conclusion.

Never has the conflict felt quite as desperate, danger escalating and hope lessening with the slow drain of each issue’s hourglass.

Will the answers to these dilemmas surface in time, or will the efforts of the band of warriors fail to prevent the ruin of the world?
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Win a copy of Essenced, book #1 of the series, …

SPOTLIGHT: C. Desir's Bleed Like Me

Bleed Like Me By C. Desir Published on October 7th 2014
Published by Simon Pulse

From the author of Fault Line comes an edgy and heartbreaking novel about two self-destructive teens in a Sid and Nancy-like romance full of passion, chaos, and dyed hair.

Seventeen-year-old Amelia Gannon (just "Gannon" to her friends) is invisible to almost everyone in her life. To her parents, to her teachers-even her best friend, who is more interested in bumming cigarettes than bonding. Some days the only way Gannon knows she is real is by carving bloody lines into the flesh of her stomach.

Then she meets Michael Brooks, and for the first time, she feels like she is being seen to the core of her being. Obnoxious, controlling, damaged, and addictive, he inserts himself into her life until all her scars are exposed. Each moment together is a passionate, painful relief.

But as the relationship deepens, Gannon starts to feel as if she's standing at the foot of a dam about to burst. She's…

The Good Sister

The Good Sister  By Jamie Kain Published on October 7 2014
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Source: Net Galley 
The Kinsey sisters live in an unconventional world. Their parents are former flower-children who still don’t believe in rules. Their small, Northern California town is filled with free spirits and damaged souls seeking refuge from the real world. Without the anchor of authority, the three girls are adrift and have only each other to rely on.

Rachel is wild. Asha is lost. Sarah, the good sister, is the glue that holds them together. But the forces of a mysterious fate have taken Sarah’s life in a sudden and puzzling accident, sending her already fractured family into a tailspin of grief and confusion. Asha has questions. Rachel has secrets. And Sarah, waking up in the afterlife, must piece together how she got there The Good Sister is not the kind of novel I usually read, but I'm so glad I found it. Through the alternating voices of all three sisters, Kain creates a fami…

Jaime's Top Ten Tuesday!

1. Dark Caravan Cycle  by Heather Demetrios
                2. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
                3. Bloody Mary by Hillary Monahan
                4. The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd
                5. Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones
                6. The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson
                7. Defiance by C.J. Redwine
                8. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
                9. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
              10. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

        This list is FAR from being a complete list of the series that I would love to start, but it is a list of 10 of the series I am definitely                         looking forward to! I hope you enjoy!

Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament

Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament By Lorna Schultz Nicholson and Kelly Findley Published on October 14th 2014
Published by Tundra Books
Source: Publisher
In Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament, it is Christmas Eve and Puckster is nervously watching the heavy snowfall gather on the ground and in the trees. It is his first Christmas away from home and though he is excited to be with Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Tournament, he is afraid that the winter storm will prevent his family and friends from travelling to the remote arena and arrive in time for Christmas morning.

But there is another traveler that Puckster and the players are excited to see this Christmas. Santa! When the heavy snow forces the closure of the roads, only Santa and his team of reindeer can help. Will everyone be together for Christmas? In this magical story of friendship, young hockey fans learn the true meaning of the holidays. Puckster's Christmas Hockey Tournament is destined to be a h…

Crystalee reviews Kitty and Me

Kitty and Me By Sharon Smith Kane Published on October 7 2014
Published by Henry Holt and Co.
Source: Publisher
I love Kitty and Kitty loves me. He comes when I call him . . . usually. We play fun games around this house, Like "Jump" and "Pounce" and "Catch the Mouse."

Playing, chasing, scratching, purring. Kitty and Me is a charming rhyming story of best friendship between a girl and her growing kitten, by Sharon Kane, acclaimed author-illustrator of many beloved Little Golden Book Classics.

This is a very old fashioned picture book, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Author-illustrator Sharon Smith Kane is known for her Little Golden Books, so I guess it makes sense that this book follows that form.

What I liked about Kitty and Me: It is written in a fun rhyme that kids will love to read, and about a topic that a lot of kids will enjoy. What I didn't like: I'm just not a big fan of the old-fashioned illustrations, like the ones often seen i…


Annihilation By Jeff VanderMeer Published on February 4th 2014
Published by FSG Originals
Source: Purchased
Area X has been cut off from the rest of the continent for decades. Nature has reclaimed the last vestiges of human civilization. The first expedition returned with reports of a pristine, Edenic landscape; all the members of the second expedition committed suicide; the third expedition died in a hail of gunfire as its members turned on one another; the members of the eleventh expedition returned as shadows of their former selves, and within months of their return, all had died of aggressive cancer.

This is the twelfth expedition.

Their group is made up of four women: an anthropologist; a surveyor; a psychologist, the de facto leader; and our narrator, a biologist. Their mission is to map the terrain and collect specimens; to record all their observations, scientific and otherwise, of their surroundings and of one another; and, above all, to avoid being contaminated by Area X itsel…

Blog Tour ~ Finding Her Way Back ~ Review (by Jaime) and Giveaway

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Finding Her Way Back By Heather Van Fleet Published on October 7, 2014
Published by Swoon Romance
3 1/2 Stars!
Meet Callie. She’s nineteen, quirky, and fears commitments. She also has a love/hate relationship with her tennis shoes.

Nine months of college, done and gone, and all Callie has to show for it is her freshman thirty. But alas, no worries, life has other crap plans for her now. Plans that include a set of nuptials from hell for her older, she–devil sister Anna. Struggling to rid her chubby–sexy vibe, Callie is put on a strict Anna regimen of ‘do this do that’ while attempting to avoid the unavoidable. The unavoidable being Ky Hampton: her once skinny–skater–boy turned sex–god, ex best friend from across the street.

Kylan feels as though he is a waste. A mechanic, country music singer with not a lyrics to his name. A boy with a proverbial skateboard still strung around his neck from high school. He’s lost, and he’d be the first to admit it. But the moment …

Crystalee & Sarah review Rain Reign

Rain Reign
By Ann M. Martin Published on October 7 2014
Published by Feiwel and Friends
Source: Net Galley
Rose Howard has OCD, Asperger’s syndrome, and an obsession with homonyms (even her name is a homonym). She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (Reign, Rein), which, according to Rose’s rules of homonyms, is very special. Rain was a lost dog Rose’s father brought home. Rose and Rain are practically inseparable. And they are often home alone, as Rose’s father spends most evenings at a bar, and doesn’t have much patience for his special-needs daughter. Just as a storm hits town, Rain goes missing. Rose’s father shouldn’t have let Rain out. Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search. Rose will find Rain, but so will Rain’s original owners.

Hearts will break and spirits will soar for this powerful story, brilliantly told from Rose’s point of view Crystalee's review:

I loved Ann M. Martin's The Baby-sitter's Club series g…

Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer ~ Blog Tour review (by Jaime!) and Giveaway!

Trust Me, I'm Lying
by Mary Elizabeth Summer
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: October 14th 2014
Rate: * 3 1/2 Stars!*
Fans of Ally Carter, especially her Heist Society readers, will love this teen mystery/thriller with sarcastic wit, a hint of romance, and Ocean’s Eleven–inspired action.
Julep Dupree tells lies. A lot of them. She’s a con artist, a master of disguise, and a sophomore at Chicago’s swanky St. Agatha High, where her father, an old-school grifter with a weakness for the ponies, sends her to so she can learn to mingle with the upper crust. For extra spending money Julep doesn’t rely on her dad—she runs petty scams for her classmates while dodging the dean of students and maintaining an A+ (okay, A-) average.
But when she comes home one day to a ransacked apartment and her father gone, Julep’s carefully laid plans for an expenses-paid golden ticket to Yale start to unravel. Even with help from St. Agatha’s resident Prince Charming, Tyler Richland, and …