Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

When I actually put down the book to watch TV, these are the culprits responsible. I wanted to add movies too, but the list kind of got out of hand. Here is hoping we get another one like this soon so I can go overboard on the movies, too!

How do I love thee, Scrubs? Let me count the ways! One of the best shows that ever graced our T.V. screens!

Do I even need to list the reasons why I love this show? I mean, it really is pretty self-explanatory!

Phil and Luke, Cam! Every one of these characters. Too stinkin funny!

I love food, I love to cook and I am good at it. But I don't have the guts to go on this show, or even try. But I love watching the ones that do, and learning from them!

The old man, Rick, Corey and Chum offer great laughs, interesting history lessons, and some really awesome.... stuff! I love it!

One of the funniest shows on T.V. Plus, there is the one and only Uncle Si. And best of all? They love Jesus, and they sit down and pray together IN JESUS NAME at the end of every episode. Unbeatable!

I can't dance worth a squat, but I love watching people dance. It just makes me happy. I am especially partial to hip hop! I LOVED Fik-Shun and Amy last year!

Will always be one of my favorite shows, and favorite casts, in the whole world. Even with that ending, which threw me. A lot. I love it now, after several retries. The first time, I was.... Thrown

Even though it makes me cry at least once an episode, I have loved every minute of it since the first episode. It is family. And family is everything!

Best new show in years, and without a doubt one of my all-time favorite shows, ever! As a product of the 80's, I can relate and I love it!

This is the default channel at my house. When we have to leave, this is the channel we leave on for the dogs 90% of the time. We watch HGTV all of the time. I am a construction worker, and build or refurbish furniture and I love getting ideas. I love just about every show. The magazine is awesome too!


PGA Tour
I am a huge fan of golf and college football. If there is a game or tournament on, we are tuned in.

There you have it, folks! When I put the books down, and I have time on my hands, this is what I occupy myself with. There are more, but these are the tops. Sorry that it went a little long. I got excited about this topic and went overboard. Hope you enjoyed! 

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