Top Ten Bookish and Blogging confessions

Top Ten Bookish and Blogging confessions from a newbie blogger!

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Blogging Confession #1:
Writing reviews is a stressful process for me. It takes me forever to get it just right, and then I go back and look at it and cringe, thinking that it is horrible. I really hope that some confidence will start to come through the more reviews that I write!

Blogging Confession #2:
There has been a learning curve since I started helping out on this amazing blog. HTML and Tours and review books....  It is a lot to take in. Thankfully, I have had some incredible help along the way!

Blogging Confession #3:
I would love to be a bigger part of the amazing blogging community, but I am incredibly shy and it is very hard for me to put myself out there to get to know people.

Blogging Confession #4:
I worry constantly about whether I am doing a good enough job or not. I want to do the blog the justice it deserves.

Blogging Confession #5:
Even though it can be stressful, bring out some insecurities, and be a reminder of your social shortcomings, I absolutely love it 100%, and I am thankful to be a part of this amazing blog!

Bookish Confession #1: 
I have the Kindle App on my phone and my husbands phone, so that I will always have a way to read no matter where I am! Vacations = book bag full of books PLUS iPad PLUS Kindle Apps. Pathetic, but absolutely necessary!

Bookish Confession #2:
I get caught up in a story while standing in a line, or being on hold on the phone, or any number of things and completely forget what I am supposed to be doing. Takes a minute to come back, or the person standing behind me very loudly clearing their throat!

Bookish Confession #3:
I have two huge bookshelves and a Kindle full of books that I own but have not yet read because I CANNOT stay away from the library. It is a serious problem. In fact, I just got off of the online catalogs, seeing if there were any new books to put on hold, when I have 14 library books sitting on my shelf! I say at least once a month that it was my last trip to the library until I read one row of my own books, but it generally lasts about 19 hours! Or until I return a book. How can I NOT go in when I am RIGHT THERE!

Bookish Confession #4:
I love watching TV, and I am crazy about the DVR because I can record a ton of shows to watch whenever I want to, commercial free. Problem is, the DVR keeps getting more and more full because I cannot put down a book long enough to watch TV, except for with my hubby and our shows. But my shows? Yeah, they sit there for a while. Kind of sad, really, all of those shows I can't talk about yet, and have to try and avoid spoilers for.

Bookish Confession #5:
And finally, a big confession I have to make.... I have problems with flipping to through a story to get the gist of what is to come down the line. Sometimes, I just go ahead and read the last few sentences, or even paragraphs, in a book to see how it will end. I try very hard to not let this happen, but the furthest I can usually make it is the halfway point. I just can't help myself.....

There are more confessions I could make, about my weird and anal organization, desire for perfectly preserved hardcover jackets, trouble DNFing, even if I hate it, but I will leave you with these ten. I hope that you enjoyed it, and now I have some reviews I need to critique! Hope that everyone had a fantastic 4th! Happy reading, and see you next week! And I leave you with something amazing....

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