Snow White Sorrow by Cameron Jace

By Cameron Jace
Published on May 30th 2013
Published by Jawigi
Source: Publisher
What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?

Sixteen year old Loki Blackstar is no Prince Charming. His mother is a ghost. His only friend is a red Cadillac that sings to him through the radio. He looks like an Angel but acts like jerk. No wonder he has been banned from Heaven, which is the least of his troubles. Loki needs a job to pay for school and support himself.

Still, Loki has a rare gift: He is a Dreamhunter. One of the few in the world who can hunt and kill immortal demons in their dreams so they never wake up again.

When Loki is sent to kill a sixteen-year-old vampire girl the locals call Snow White Sorrow, he is pulled into a magical but dangerous world. The locals believe the monster to be Snow White.

The real Snow White... living in the ruins of an ancient castle in a small town. She is described as horribly beautiful, terrifyingly enchanting, and wickedly lovely.

What he finds instead is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt, who has an epic untold story to tell of things such like why the Brothers Grimm altered the fairy tale, who the Evil Queen really is, where the mirror came from, and who possessed it.

Snow White has killed every person who has dared come near the castle where she once lived with the queen. Mysteriously, she lets Loki live, and whispers two words in his ears; two words that will change his life forever.

I'll preface this by saying that I love everything Cameron Jace has done with these series of books. Read The Grimm Diaries Prequels if you haven't yet... they honestly help a lot with grasping who the characters in The Grimm Diaries are.

Snow White Sorrow was the first in the Diaries series. Jace paints a picturesque world in which fairy tale characters live. These are not your child's stories. These are bloody, gory, suspenseful tales.

Loki Blackstar has been shadowed. He has no recollection of who he is or where he came from. To be allowed back into heaven and to get the answers to all his questions, he must fulfill a quota of killing ninety-nine vampires. When he realizes that he's not going to be able to meet that deadline, Charmwill, his guardian, suggests that he kill Snow White, who's one death will equal the ninety-nine.

Along the way, he meets the Crumblewoods, Axel and Fable, a brother and sister duo who are very entertaining and very supportive of Loki. They help him in his quest. There are a multitude of other characters such as Lucy Rumplestein, Big Bad, Ulfric Moonclaw, Paw Paw, etc. As you read, you'll be able to figure out who most of the characters are, but as with everything in Jace's stories - all is not what it seems.

Once you meet the Evil Queen, your jaw will stay permanently dropped as you furiously flip pages to the end of the story. And, just wait until you find out who Loki is... *smirk*

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can't wait to continue reading The Grimm Diaries series.

Snow White Sorrow (The Grimm Diaries #1)
Cinderella Dressed In Ashes (The Grimm Diaries #2)
Blood, Milk, and Chocolate (The Grimm Diaries #3)

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