What Sets the Christmas Mood for You?

This is a guest post I wrote for Ren over at Ren's Rambles for her 12 Days of Christmas- you should absolutely check it out (I am giving away a copy of Cress for Saturday's post!)

Have you ever heard people say, "Well, it is December, but it just doesn't FEEL like Christmas!"  For some people, the thing that really makes December Christmas is snow; for others, it is having the Christmas Tree and lights up.  I thought I would do a silly post and tell you of all the things that make December feel like Christmas to me:

Ok, so I am going to start with a few movies that remind me of Christmas. I
would love to say I have a book or two that do, but honestly, other than the book of Luke in the Bible- I have nothing. Love Actually is such a wonderful Christmas movie.  (Please note, this movie is NOT for kids- hey, I probably wouldn't let my teens watch it either lol- and if you see it on TV, they CUT a TON out). 
Although parts are incredibly inappropriate, I am in love with this movie- it so romantic and so much fun.

My favorite Christmas movie growing up was the Nutcracker Prince.  I loved it growing up and thought the fact that *Spoiler Alert* the main character fell in love with Nutcracker and then he was a real boy and they were in love in real life... *swoon*.  Anyway, as an adult, I see how absolutely ridiculous parts of it are, but I still love it!

There are two sweets that remind me of Christmas.  The first are peanut butter blossoms- you know, a peanut butter cookie with a Hershey's kiss smack in the middle- perfection!  However, I am now allergic to peanuts, so that perfection of childhood is something I avoid like the plague.  I have yet to find an alternative peanut butter that stands up to the original (I can't have almonds either).  Sigh.... Maybe when I get to heaven, God will greet me with some peanut butter blossoms and a big bowl of ice cream (another no no).

The second sweet that reminds me of Christmas is another that I can't have... because I can't find them anywhere.  Typically, I find Archway cookies to be awful.  At Christmastime, however, they make iced shortbread cookies that are absolutely amazing.  I had them every year growing up.  I found them once 3 years ago as a fluke, but other than that- it has been a long time since I have had those lovely things!( I can't even find a picture!!)

For me, it can't be Christmas without a Christmas tree.  I love turning all the lights off and looking at the tree at night time.  I love taking off my glasses and seeing the psychedelic swirl the colors make to my "blind as a bat" eyes (call me weird).  I am an angel person.  My husband is a star person.  We had a star for the first 6 years of our marriage, but now a beautiful angel sits on the top of our tree.  Are you a star person, an angel person, a bow person, or something else?

In the Northeast, we are lucky- we may actually have a White Christmas this year.  We haven't had a White Christmas since 2009.  I live near Philly, but I grew up in the Western PA mountains.  It was very very rare to have a bare yard at Christmas.  Things seem a little less festive without snow.  I love looking at Christmas lights at night, but seeing them covered in snow is just amazing- if you haven't had this experience, I truly am sorry. I am also sorry if you haven't gotten to see giant icecicles hanging outside- they are just beautiful.

Obviously a big part of Christmas is Christmas music.  I will be honest- if the music isn't a traditional carol or something from the 40s or 50s, I am simply not interested.  I don't like "Last Christmas" and I can't stand "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" (the synthesizer sounds on that one literally make a vein pop out of my forehead).  I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas music.  Here are two of my favorites:

I would love to hear some of your favorites of Christmas!  Please share them in the comments below- I promise I will read and reply!  Merry Christmas!

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