Smelling Sunshine

By Constance Anderson
Published on October 25th 2013
Published by Star Bright Books

Source: Netgalley
All around the world in cities, towns, and villages—large and small—clothes are washed. They are hung to dry in the breeze and sunshine, and children everywhere revel in the fun of helping with the laundry. Smelling Sunshine captures some of the special moments of this day-to-day chore—a wonderful, heart-warming time shared between parent and child and an experience young readers will relate to.
I was pleasantly surprised by this simple picture book. The illustrations are vivid and show children and parents in a variety of locations and cultures, all washing and hanging laundry together. Although each have their own methods for washing and drying— from washing in rivers to drying on clotheslines in fields, apartment buildings, and small backyards— the book makes the point that the world is connected by this one simple act.

I remember hanging clothes on the line with my mom when I was a kid, and this book makes me hope that children still experience that and can connect to its loveliness in both prose and artwork. I hope all children can relate to “smelling the sunshine” in their blankets at night, as Anderson chose that moment to end the book on a comforting note.

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