Random Thursday Thoughts: Badly Behaving Authors

So, I am currently reading a book.  It is the newest installment in a series that so far I have really enjoyed.  I am enjoying this book.  But somehow, I feel like some sort of a fraud by reading it.  I have a major beef with the author of this book, because I find her incredibly disrespectful to Christians.

Yup, I said it.  I have never tried to hide my faith and try to keep my reviews from a Christian view point without being preachy.  Does my faith influence the kinds of books I like? Absolutely.  Would I tell other people not to read a book because of what I believe?  No, unless it was an instruction manual for sacrificing small children- that could be an issue.

My problem is that between the last book I read in this series and this book, the author has made it pretty clear that she doesn't care for Christians and has mocked them repeatedly.  Now, I have no beef with anyone who doesn't like Christians.  I will be the first to admit that there are Christians out there who do really stupid things, but each of those people- there are 20 who are completely normal. 
Regardless, it was the mocking that really got to me.

So when it became time for reviewing the next book in the series- I was incredibly conflicted.  Do I read a series that I really enjoy, despite the things that the author has said?  Or do I give up on this series and completely give it the cold shoulder?  If I read and review this book- I am giving the author even more of a voice in the public eye, and even more people will read the rude things that she had to say.  If I ignore it, I will be leaving behind a series I actually really like.

I am halfway through the book and I still can't decide.  I have no problem with saying, " I don't like an author and because of things that they say, I will not be reading their books."  That is my right as a reader.  I refuse to read anything by Phillip Pullman.  Am I missing out? Probably.  But after reading interviews where he stated that he wrote the Amber Spyglass with the intent to draw children away
from Christianity- I am not interested.  (And let me know- this isn't a Christian or non-Christian thing... this is the fact that he wrote something to specifically lead children on a certain path... I find that shady).

But the author drama that seems to be online?  Well, I tend to be a little more forgiving when authors do something stupid and then apologize.  As long as an author owns up to it- I have no issue with continuing to support that author (and sometimes I think bloggers can be a little psycho about when authors mess up).  Therein lies my problem.  This author has never said anything other than she is right.  So what do I do?

Have you had this problem before?  Have you loved an author but been turned off by things they said/ did in real life? What do you do?

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