Random Thursday Thoughts: Badly Behaving Authors

So, I am currently reading a book.  It is the newest installment in a series that so far I have really enjoyed.  I am enjoying this book.  But somehow, I feel like some sort of a fraud by reading it.  I have a major beef with the author of this book, because I find her incredibly disrespectful to Christians.

Yup, I said it.  I have never tried to hide my faith and try to keep my reviews from a Christian view point without being preachy.  Does my faith influence the kinds of books I like? Absolutely.  Would I tell other people not to read a book because of what I believe?  No, unless it was an instruction manual for sacrificing small children- that could be an issue.

My problem is that between the last book I read in this series and this book, the author has made it pretty clear that she doesn't care for Christians and has mocked them repeatedly.  Now, I have no beef with anyone who doesn't like Christians.  I will be the first to admit that there are Christians out there who do really stupid things, but each of those people- there are 20 who are completely normal. 
Regardless, it was the mocking that really got to me.

So when it became time for reviewing the next book in the series- I was incredibly conflicted.  Do I read a series that I really enjoy, despite the things that the author has said?  Or do I give up on this series and completely give it the cold shoulder?  If I read and review this book- I am giving the author even more of a voice in the public eye, and even more people will read the rude things that she had to say.  If I ignore it, I will be leaving behind a series I actually really like.

I am halfway through the book and I still can't decide.  I have no problem with saying, " I don't like an author and because of things that they say, I will not be reading their books."  That is my right as a reader.  I refuse to read anything by Phillip Pullman.  Am I missing out? Probably.  But after reading interviews where he stated that he wrote the Amber Spyglass with the intent to draw children away
from Christianity- I am not interested.  (And let me know- this isn't a Christian or non-Christian thing... this is the fact that he wrote something to specifically lead children on a certain path... I find that shady).

But the author drama that seems to be online?  Well, I tend to be a little more forgiving when authors do something stupid and then apologize.  As long as an author owns up to it- I have no issue with continuing to support that author (and sometimes I think bloggers can be a little psycho about when authors mess up).  Therein lies my problem.  This author has never said anything other than she is right.  So what do I do?

Have you had this problem before?  Have you loved an author but been turned off by things they said/ did in real life? What do you do?


  1. I honestly don't think you can qualify this author's opinions about Christianity as "Authors Behaving Badly." Having an opinion about religion isn't "behaving badly." The fact that she's put her opinions in fiction doesn't mean for sure that as a person, she shares the characters' opinions. Of course I have no idea what book and author you're talking about, but that's how it appears to me. If she'd gone on her website and ranted about Christianity as herself, not a character, that would be a different story. If you don't agree with an author's point of view on religion, I think it's best to just put the book aside.

  2. Hmm, perhaps I didn't make it clear and I need to edit my post to clarify a bit. I have no problem with her books- in fact I love them. I also have no issue with people who don't like Christians (like I said above). What I do have a problem with is what she said and the mocking that she did. There were a series of posts and videos that weren't exactly... kind.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting- I appreciate your comments!

  3. Okay. So this author has a wonderful series they've written but they're behavior beyond the ink and quill is questionable or something you wouldn't support. Well, it can be difficult to read something by an author that may be a total turn off otherwise. For an author who wrote something I thoroughly enjoyed but their actions or words beyond the book turned me off, I've tended to try and separate the writer from the book...unless they are trying to lead the world's children to riot in the name of satan or something. I can tolerate a difference of view and opinion. But letting a whole lot of inner ugly pour out in interviews, posts or whatnot...well, I would not read or review their books. We can be different. We don't have to be disgusting.

  4. This can be a tough one. You could just review the book and point out why you like it but also what your issues are with the author's actions. That way like- minded people will be informed, and those that don't care can just go with the book info. You might actually help other people who agree with your beliefs know if its for them or not. If I were enjoying a book or series and the author mocked my belief system, that would be hard for me as well. To separate the two things can be tough!


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