Fall into New Adult Campaign

Fall for the new New Adult: 

a campaign to spread the word that New Adult is expanding into new and exciting categories like Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gothic, and more! Follow along to find out why best-selling NA authors & NA bloggers are excited to see New Adult expand outside of contemporary. (Full schedule can be found here.) And as an incentive to give the new NA a try, the Fall for New Adult bundle set will be available for a limited time. Set includes 4 great non-contemporary NA novels for only $3.99!

I love the idea of New Adult- young adults breaking free of their parents and discovering the world for the first time.  I have seen a few interesting NA novels, but I would really like to see the NA genre expand into fantasy, paranormal, science fiction- there are so many more themes to explore.  I also would love to see some New Adult books with less sex and more storyline!  I am pretty excited by the four books featured here.  They look so different compared to what has been available!

We want to know why YOU want to see NA expand too! Join the campaign by grabbing the gif. above and blogging/tweeting about why YOU want to see NA expand! #NACampaign

Purchase the Fall for New Adult bundle set here


  1. I love NA, it's good to hear its branching out :)

  2. I just attended a convention this weekend with a few other YA/NA authors and it was so wonderful getting a chance to elaborate on the NA category so more can be aware of NA.

  3. Oh, interesting. . . I have yet to read an NA book (but I currently have one on my Ipad) mostly because the storylines of the ones I've seen haven't sounded that strong. :-/ I will have to check these ones out and see if they impress me.


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