This is how you should write a book review.

Ha ha, I got you with that title- didn't I?  (Look at me being all clever and controversial to get you to click!)

Ok, so I will admit it.  I am a terrible book reviewer.  I will read books, and then wait like 2 months to write the review (if you are new- this is NOT the way to do it).  So I get around to doing the review and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to write.  It isn't that I can't remember the book- I just have no idea where to start.  And then I do the best thing possible- I avoid- and I read 5 other books.  Do you see a pattern here?  I end up with a stack of books read and no reviews written.

I know I can't be the only one out there who makes this mistake... right?  Well, I am going to offer hopefully a good "cheat sheet" to help you write an awesome review (or at least get you started).  And if I am the only one who does this... well I am helping myself!

Coranne's Absolutely Useful Book Review Questionnaire:
Guaranteed to Help You Write a Somewhat Stunning Book Review in a Snap
 ****Because I know SOMEONE out there is going to say, "OH so this chick Coranne thinks SHE is the be all end all to writing book reviews and is now telling us how we are supposed to write book reviews".  First of all, calm down.  Second of all, no.  Third of all, see the paragraphs above- this is just to HELP you out if you have a total brain fart, as I tend to do writing book reviews!  Fourth of all, chocolate glitter cupcake ponies.

1.  What is the name of the book?  
2.  Who wrote it?
3. What is the genre?
4. Who is the intended audience?
5. How does this book fit in with the author's past books?
6. What was your overall impression of the book (keep it short!)?
7. What was the main character like?
8. How did the main character interact with the other characters?
9. Were there any relationships?  What were they like?
10. What did you think about the romance/ lack of romance in the book?
11. World building- how did it go?  Was there any historical context given to the characters and setting to create a complete world?
12. Have the characters shown any growth or change?  Do you see any reasoning behind why the author made the characters do the things they did?
13. Was the plot exciting/ boring?
!4. Was the plot mostly action/ conversation/ something else?
15.  How did the book flow?  Did the author have good mojo the whole way through or did it lag in bits?
16. Did it give you the feels? (Look at me being all hip and using teenspeak!)
17. How was the ending?  Is there an obvious sequel?  Tons of loose ends?
18. Who would you suggest this book to?  
19. Would you read this book again?

So tell me, what other questions would you add?  I would love to hear from you- do you ever get the brain toots when you have to write a review? 

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