The Seventh Blessing

By Melissa Buell
Published on August 15th 2011
Published by The Little Things

Source: Purchased
Not all fairy blessings are enchanting . . .

Unlike most royal eighteen-year-old girls, Samantha finds it difficult to be a prim and proper princess. When she discovers her seven fairy blessings that were bestowed at her birth are a lie, her entire world is turned upside down. Although she can forgive the feuding fairies who made this large error on her behalf, she must find a way to control her real blessings--which may be more trouble than its worth.

Things start to become complicated when her best friend's brother becomes seriously injured just weeks before the annual knight competition. Samantha realizes the only way to help him and his family is to enter the competition by disguising her true identity. Balancing her mandatory princess lessons while hiding her secret blessings on top of this becomes difficult, but things begin to get challenging when Prince Nolan, a childhood friend, reenters her life. Samantha, bitter about their constant bickering relationship, suddenly begins to see Nolan in a new, and often confusing, light.

But when she finds out her seventh blessing has yet to be decoded from the ancient tongue, Samantha's most dangerous quest of all is discovering the true power her real blessings hold. Now, the fate of herself, her future, and her kingdom lie in her hands.
What is the best compliment I can give to Melissa Buell about this book?  It reads nothing like an indie book.  This absolutely could be a book published by one of the "Big Six" publishers.  When I read Indie books, sometimes the editing issues are obvious and I have to say- this book has been edited beautifully.  It was polished, finished, and read smoothly.

The Seventh Blessing is the first book in a fantasy series by Melissa Buell.  I am a big fan of things that hint of fairy tales and of fantasy.  I love princesses, knights and magic, and this book had all of them.  This book was reminiscent to me of books by Gail Carson Levine (like Ella Enchanted), but that read more like an action adventure fantasy rather than a comedy.  I appreciated the language in this book- it isn't written in "teen speak" with jargon of today mixed into a historical fantasy story- when authors do that I find it incredibly odd.  The characters do speak a little fancifully, but not in a way that hinders the story, but serve as a reminder to the reader that this book took place in a time when words really packed a bigger punch.

The romance between Nolan and Samantha was incredibly romantic and passionate and sweet and.... absolutely wonderful.  The author writes banter and conversation well.  It is funny, sometimes authors write action well and are pretty awful with conversations.  The author does both  with an expertise of someone writing for many years.

Now, there were a few places that I thought, "Hmm  this doesn't seem as developed as much as it could have been- for example a conversation between Nolan and Samantha at the first tournament they are at together."  However, it didn't hinder the flow of the book for me- I didn't feel thrown off by it.

The Seventh Blessing is a fun fantasy read that I highly recommend.  I can't wait to pick up the sequel!

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