15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day Two: Reading Rituals

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted over at Good Books and Good Wine.  We're back for day two, our bedtime reading rituals.

Sarah says...

My bedtime reading ritual -- when I actually get in bed early enough to have one -- goes a little something like this:

  • Turn on nightstand light, turn off overhead lights in room
  • Stack all the pillows up so I can read sitting up
  • Get in bed, rearrange all of the pillows because my back hurts
  • Shove several stuffed animals behind me as supplemental pillows
  • Pick up book, begin to read
  • Stop because I realize I have to pee, or I forgot to put my phone on the charger, or something else
  • Get out of bed, address the issue
  • Come back to bed only to find my spot has been stolen by my cats:

  • Scoot into the empty space the cats have left, try not to disturb them lest they wake up and start fighting
  • By this time, it's usually pretty late, and then I either stop reading because I want to be a responsible adult, keep reading because omgthisbookissogood, or fall asleep on the book.
Coranne says....

Mine is pretty simple.

1. Put the kids to bed (this usually takes an hour or two... ahhhh toddlers...)
2. Lay down on the couch and open a book.
3. Fall asleep.
4. Wake up when the book smacks me in the face.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until my husband gets fed up  with the "OW" every 3 minutes  and takes said book or I give up and wander back to bed.  (To note:  I do my reading between 5 am and 8 am every morning, and I never thought I would say that.)

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