15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Day One: Blogger Confessions

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted over at Good Books and Good Wine.  I have no idea if I will be able to do all 15 days, but I am certainly going to try!  (Or perhaps I will tag team with a few of my blogging buddies on BBE!)

My Confessions:

1. I hardly ever buy books.  We are on a very tight budget.  Like a "if I buy a book, we can't pay a bill budget."  I still try to help out authors I love by spreading the word and I make good use of my library card.  I am blessed by getting a ton of ARCs and I get most of my reading material that way.

2. I read a book a day (most days).

3. I am getting more used to my Kindle and I really enjoy it (which is a shocker to me because I have always been very- I will only like paper books!)

4. I don't like audio books.  I only have so much time and why listen to a book when they read slower than I do.

5. I don't take very good care of my books- I am not the kind of person who has to have immaculate books.  There are stains on them, they are dog-eared and they are very loved.

6. That being said, minus a few exclusions, I have given away a majority of the books I have been given to review (and I don't give away books that I have messed up in blog giveaways).

7. I really dislike middle grade books.  I am not sure why, but other than HP I haven't found any that I like.

8. I love reading YA and love talking YA, but a part of me doesn't "get" fangirling with other adults about teenage characters.  "Oh he's so hot, oh man.... *enter some sort of sexual innuendo*"  Yeah, no that feels pervy to me.

9. I think New Adult as it is now is dumb. New Adult = YA + sex.  How about clean fiction about young adults? 

10. I can't stand books where the bad boy gets the girl.

11. I usually root for the guy that is obviously not going to get the girl.

12. I haven't met a sci-fi book I have liked.

13. When I love a book, I will read it 5 or 6 times before I move on to another book.

14. I am horrible at being part of the blogging community.  Between taking care of my kids, reading, and writing reviews (plus the rest of my life) I just never get around to it- even though I do read blogs.

15. That being said- I still don't think I have found my "place" in the blogging world.  That is probably because I can't go to conferences or signings (two babies and a husband that works crazy hours).  I am sure everyone feels that way, but even though I've been doing this for over 2 years- I just don't feel like I fit in. 

So those are my confessions!  Can you relate to any of them?  What are yours?


  1. I usually don't buy books either, and wow you're such a fast reader! I wish I could read that much I always never have the time or I'll get so tired that I can't even go through with reading a book which is really depressing D:

    Aww about your last two points, though, I definitely know what you mean by not fitting in, everybody kind of feels that way for a while, but then you always end up finding something :D

    Fantastic post <33

    1. Ha ha I go for like a week or two reading a book a day, and then another two weeks not reading anything.

      Thanks <3

  2. This is freaky - it is like you wrote about my life rather than yours. I too live on a budget that sadly is either books or food. My Kindle is quickly becoming my new favorite friend although I still prefer paper books. I don't like audio books - my attention is always diverted. I agree on the middle grade books, bad boys, the whole New Adult thing and the fangirl thing. I think your blog is wonderful, and you definitely fill a niche. I don't follow very many blogs, but I follow your faithfully. With so much in common, now I know why. Keep up with the reviews, and if you want another friend on Goodreads you can friend me. I am Jo Strader.

    1. Yay for being alike! You seriously made my day with this comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. <3

  3. I can relate to a lot of these-I hardly ever buy books being blessed to get a lot of galleys and having a library that is very responsive to my YA purchase requests. I tend to feel the same way about audio books and NA as well too so you're not alone!


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