15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7: We're quirky! (And Coranne snuck in a giveaway!)

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted over at Good Books and Good Wine.  Today, we're talking about our blogging quirks.  I bet we've got a lot of them.

Sarah says...

  • I almost never write a book review in the order that it gets posted in.  A review usually starts as a jumbled series of sentences, some of which get punted to the end, some of which might make it into the lead paragraph.  At this point I appear to be completely unable to just write something start to finish in order.
  • If I know I'm not going to have time to write out a proper review, I'll usually jot down some bullet points in a draft post so I don't forget what I wanted to say.
  • I have a small bookshelf next to my desk where I keep ARCs and other books for review.  The top shelf is partly books that I'm reviewing for tour, partly new books that I've purchased and want to read ASAP, and partly books whose publish date has already passed (oops).  The bottom shelf is all books that are upcoming ARCs.  Thanks to that haul from our most recent Stacking the Shelves post, I've run out of room on the shelf.  Oops!
  • I have a real hard time DNFing a book.  I think it's part obsessive need to finish things, and part obsessive need to know what happens, even in the crappiest of stories.  And hey, sometimes bad books make for entertaining reviews.
  • I find the administrative end of blog stuff -- doing the HTML to make the posts all pretty, scheduling posts -- soothing.  I am a huge fan of mindless tasks and it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something when I'm too tired/braindead to actually read or write reviews.
Coranne says...

  • I usually read like 7 or 8 books before I write any reviews of them.
  • I have a bajillion empty draft posts of books that I am planning on reading.
  • I keep all of my review books in the living room away from all my other books.
  • I have all of my books written in a notebook separated by month/ date/ source.
  • I am kinda opposite of Sarah- I have no problem DNF-ing a book anymore.  I barely have time to keep up with books that I have, I don't have time to finish a meh book (unless it is from an author or series I have loved.)
  • I judge books by their covers.  Yup.
  • I apparently need to make Sarah do all of my html.  I find making graphics soothing, but plugging in the html makes me want to spork my eyes out.  (Did you read that Sarah??)
  • I try really hard not to read a book that I am super excited about until right before the review needs to go up.... I am not sure why.  Probably because I have 15-20 review books that come out each month and I don't have time to get behind by reading one early.  That is something I wish I could get over.
  • I love doing giveaways... and look there is one right there:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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