Blood Money

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By Erika Mitchell
Published on February 4th 2013
Published by Champagne Books
Source: Finished Copy for Blog Tour
On the surface, Iraqi-born Azzam Abdullah is nothing more than the unremarkable head of accounting for what is, by all appearances, an innocuous global conglomerate. What's not so innocuous is the fact that Sun Corp is one of the biggest terrorism financiers in the world.

After years of informing on Sun Corp's secret deals to the CIA, an unfortunate confluence of events brings Azzam's covert treachery to light. When Azzam is forced to flee London for America, Sun Corp's ruthless CEO decides to use a woman from Azzam's past to flush him out.

In a furious race against a heartless zealot's deadline, Azzam is forced to decide between the life of one innocent woman and the safety of millions.
Blood Money is a fast-paced story following Azzam after he is outed as an informer for the CIA on his employer's shadowy dealings in financing and supplying weapons for acts of terror across the world.  Azzam, who knew this day would come eventually, has to flee, but his old boss isn't going to let him get away so easily.  Along the way, we meet a diverse cast of characters, including a multi-national group of mercenaries tasked with identifying the mole in Sun Corp's operations.  Everyone in the story gets a little bit of backstory, so they're not just Nameless Bad Guys #1-6 or anything.  It makes it easier to keep the many characters straight, and also makes the minor characters more memorable.

There were a few plot twists in here that I was not expecting, especially a big reveal towards the end that surprised me and made me go back and see certain scenes from earlier in the story in a different light.  There's a lot of foreshadowing and little hints as to the bigger picture in this story, but I definitely did not put the clues together until the end.

This was definitely a book that I could envision as a movie.  It has some pretty cool global settings, takes place over a very short period of time, and is constantly on the move.  I finished the book way quicker than I had expected, because it was really hard to put down!  I definitely wanted to keep reading to find out how everything was going to end.

In places, I did find the writing to be a bit clunky, and the police procedural end of it didn't feel that realistic to me, but it didn't really spoil the story for me, as the plot as a whole was very engaging.  The human aspect of the story -- the slow reveals about Azzam's past, for example -- worked very well for me.  The author has an engaging, easy to read style, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

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