Stealing Harper : Will the real Chase Grayson please stand up?

Welcome to The Best Books Ever! We have two treats for our readers today! First an exclusive excerpt:

By Molly McAdams
Published on June 4th 2013
Published by William Morrow
Derek was wiping tears from his eyes, “Oh my God! Princess, is she serious?”
I growled again. That was my name for her.
She swallowed roughly and disentangled herself from Bree before heading straight toward me. My heart started pounding until I realized she hadn’t seen me yet and I was standing in the way of the front door.
Jolting back slightly when she realized I was in her way, her eyes looked everywhere but at me, “Please. Move.”
And let her leave? Hell no. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around at the same time I started walking us toward my room.
“Don't touch me!”
“Just trust me.” I growled and walked her through the living room where everyone was still laughing.
“Looks like Chase is gonna take care of that problem for you, Princess!” Brad yelled and I’ve never wanted to punch my friend more than I did then. I paused and cursed, but knew I’d rather take care of her right then, than let all of them know how much they were pissing me off.
I unlocked my door and pushed her in; as soon as the light was on she gasped and started bucking against me. I held her by pushing her elbows into her side so her jerking arms couldn’t hit me.
“No! Get off me!”
“Not until you stop trying to hit me!”
Instantly, Harper stopped moving but her body was practically vibrating with tension. I waited almost a minute before releasing her and feigning indifference.

We are lucky enough to host New Adult author Molly McAdams for a second excerpt as well as a VERY special video! Check out"Will the Real Chase Grayson Please Stand Up?" below:

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