Outsiders by Bailey Vaughn

By Bailey Vaughn
Published on March 18, 2013
Published by NF LLC
Source: Author
"Outsiders" is a young adult story about a small town that invites a group of foreigners, to the town, to teach them about their way of life in America. However, the newcomers aren’t all they appear. The main character, Hannah, falls in love with one of the "outsiders", and finds herself in compromising circumstances due to this forbidden love. Once the horrible intentions of the outsiders are revealed, Hannah must find the courage and strength to save her town.

Outsiders by Bailey Vaughn is a good, quick read of approximately 20,000 words/60 pages. Can you imagine being a teen in a small town, almost completely cut off from everyone most of the time? Well, that's precisely the case for Hannah and the rest of Patterson Falls, Pennsylvania. The leaders of the town invite a group of foreigners to live with them in their homes and learn about America while being "Brothers in Christ." Unfortunately for the townspeople of Patterson Falls, the "outsiders" are not what they seem to be.

I will say that in the beginning, I seemed to have a hard time getting into the story, but a few chapters in, I read with more ease. The premise of the story is very inviting. Hannah finds herself involved with one of the outsiders, Jaise, which is expressly forbidden. (Who doesn't get wrapped up in forbidden love?) And, after the outsiders turn on the town, things get even more mysterious.

The story had all the makings of being a great novella, but for me, it just fell a bit short of greatness. Everything seemed to happen way too fast and at times felt forced. The romance was practically instantaneous between Hannah and Jaise when they had barely spoken. The central twist in the story seemed to come on very quickly and the characters barely seemed to have a reaction to it despite how life-altering it would have been for them. During this section of the story, weeks were summed up into a few paragraphs. I will say nearing the end, it got much more suspenseful and was a page-turner for me.

All in all, it was a good novella to pass some time. I think my biggest problem was that it's a great idea for a story (let me reiterate how much I loved the premise) and with some more details and character development, it could have been lengthened out into a really awesome novella (or even into a novel)!

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