2nd Anniversary - Get to Know our Bloggers: Ericka

I have always been a reader.  When I was little, my mom promised to buy me a book
any time I had finished reading the last one I had gotten.  Her aim was to encourage me to read, but she found herself spending a small fortune at K-Mart!  After establishing a very healthy collection of Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High books, she decided that the library was a much more frugal option and I was constantly taking out 5, 6, or 7 books at a clip.  It was there that I discovered The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, The Hobbit, R.L. Stein, and Christopher Pike!  I devoured books.  In elementary school, my favorite time was "SSR" - silent sustained reading.  And although I was a good kid, my parents struggled with how to punish me because being sent to my room just meant more time for me to read, and they obviously did not want to take away books!  As I got older, my love of reading has not changed.  I take a book with me wherever I go - and I definitely prefer actual paper books, even if it means toting around an 800 page hard cover Robert Jordan book.  I really enjoy the classics (aka "everything you were supposed to read in high school but didn't").  But overall, my tastes have remained in the fantasy genre and some of my all-time ageless favorites are Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Raising my son, Tuck, has caused me to consider how I am going to encourage him to
read.  Part of it, I think, is leading by example.  At 8 months old, he is honestly more interested in the glow of the ipad than the fact that I am reading Sherlock Holmes to him while he is nursing.  However, he digs his board books and if I lift the page just slightly, he will crane his neck to see what is coming next.  I think that is a good start.  His current favorite is Who Are You, Baby Kangaroo?  In his short life, I think I have read it at least 100 times, if not more.  Hopefully as he grows I can share with him some of the stories I loved as a child and, of course, pick up some awesome new ones that my fellow reviewers have read!

Ericka is Pennsylvania born and bred. She attended PSU for her undergrad work in biotechnology and proceeded to become a certified lab rat (aka medical technologist). Finding she was not nearly busy enough, Ericka went back to school at WCU to get certified to teach high school Biology and eventually get her M.Ed in Secondary Education. She currently teaches full time at a cyber school and is pursuing an M.S. in Biology (because, clearly, she is insane). Outside of work, she reads a possibly embarrassing amount of teen lit, sings with Project Philly (www.projectphilly.org), and spends lots of time with her high school sweetheart turned amazing husband, Jon.  Ericka gave birth in July to the second love of her life, her son Tucker.

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