Fox Forever

By Mary Pearson
Published on March 19, 2013
Published by Henry Holt and Co
Source: Publisher for review
Locke Jenkins has some catching up to do. After spending 260 years as a disembodied mind in a little black box, he has a perfect new body. But before he can move on with his unexpected new life, he’ll have to return the Favor he accepted from the shadowy resistance group known as the Network. Locke must infiltrate the home of a government official by gaining the trust of his daughter, seventeen-year-old Raine, and he soon finds himself pulled deep into the world of the resistance—and into Raine’s life.

I called it!  I called it!  I figured out what the big twist in the story was (and I seriously feel like a genius for figuring it out before Locke!)  Fox Forever is the last book in the Jenna Chronicles and is an excellent ending!

The Adoration of Jenna Fox was one of the first books I reviewed when I started reviewing YA books.  I was immediately captured by the ethics and humanity involved in this story.  While Jenna plays a very small role in Fox Forever, her story is still very central to what happens.  Locke Jenkins takes over the main role in this book.  Kara is gone and he wants to move on with his life.  Before he can, he has to repay a favor that goes well beyond what he expects.  The favor ends up tying all the characters in his life together.

The author did an excellent job of keeping me on my toes.  She writes an excellent mystery in Fox Forever, one that was entertaining and addictive.  The story moves quickly, and at a little under 300 pages is one of the shorter dystopians I have read lately.  Locke is a likable character, walking the fine line between being a boy and a man and unable to decide for himself what he really wants, or who he truly is after being trapped for over 250 years.  It is a tough thing to live long after everyone else. I read stories all the time about people becoming immortal and how glamorous that could be- but is it?  Is it glamorous to live long after your family and friends die, to never age with them?  The thought of it makes me... tired.  

The romance between Locke and Raine was very believable and wasn't instant.  I found them to be likable together (not super annoying- they did more talking than making out).  The side characters in the book were mentioned enough to know that they were important but little enough that they didn't overshine Raine and Locke.

Fox Forever was a satisfying finish to this series.  I will note that if you go into the last two books of this series looking for a science fiction book like the first one was- you will be disappointed.  This book has a very clear dystopian feel.  This was an excellent book and an excellent series- I can't wait to see what this author is working on next.

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