By Nina Berry
Published on January 29, 2013
Published by Kensington Teen
Source: Publisher for review
Everyone has secrets. I had no idea mine would lead me into shadow. Dez has found the place where she belongs. With the otherkin. With Caleb. Or so she thought. As the barriers between our world and Othersphere fall, a wall rises between Dez and Caleb, leaving her fiercest enemy her only friend. And maybe something more. Now Dez must make a devastating choice: keep the love of her life, or save the otherkin from annihilation.

Othermoon is the second book in the Otherkin series.  In this book we find Dez back at home with her family as all the Otherkin students are recuperating at their homes.  The story continues the fight between the Tribunal and the Otherkin.  Not much changes for how Dez is looked at in book two.  The Council of the Otherkin still don't like or trust Dez.  The Tribunal still wants to capture her.

The cover of Othermoon really reflects the feel of this second book.  We delve deeper into Dez's mind.  She kills more in Othermoon, and it seems to not even bother her.  The characters are much angrier in this second book.  Because of choices that are made, the tight knit group is no longer tight knit and Dez's relationships seem to be falling apart.

Othermoon continues on where Otherkin left of with what I liked.  The first 2/3 of the story moves and builds slowly.  The last 1/3 of the book is total action and fighting.  I enjoyed all the action scenes and the interaction with the other realm.  I will say, the only thing I didn't like (mainly because it doesn't make any difference in the plot)... Dez's obsession with doing "the deed" with Caleb.  Not necessary.

All in all Othermoon was a great sequel and I can't wait for book 3 next year!

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