Best Book Ever: Books to Live In

There are some books that take places in worlds so messed up that you'd never want to be a part of it.  Like, I love The Hunger Games but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't ever want to live there, unless I could go there now as an adult and somehow skip all of the horrible aspects of the universe.  So I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on books they'd like to live in.  Check out our selections and let us know what you think in the comments.

When I began to think of which book or series, I would love to live in. The first place to pop up in my head was the Never Never in Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series. The way Julie wrote that series was so magical. Everything about the Never Never was so vivid and detailed. That is the place I would choose to jump into the pages and check out.

Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight

You might think I'm crazy, but I'd actually like to try living in LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. Life just seems so much simpler, and there was never any worry about how to keep yourself busy or entertained for the day... you had to do 20,000 things that day to make sure you survived through the next one. I think living like that makes the small things - like Laura just laying in the grass watching prairie dogs - seem so much more wonderful. I don't think any of us really appreciate how easy we have it, so a day or two living like the Ingalls might make me more thankful.

Mindy McGinnis - Not a Drop to Drink (September 9, 2013; Katherine Tegen Books)

If I could transport myself inside a book, I'd step into Tolkien's Middle Earth...BUT...only if I get to cross over as an elf. Unlike trixie hobbitses, elves are immortal, talented, magical, and dead sexy. Want proof? I give you Legolas, (represented on the Big Screen by Orlando Bloom). I could rock the elf lifestyle. Bonus points if my appearance in Middle Earth comes after the defeat of Sauron.

Melissa Landers - Alienated (February 1, 2014; Disney Hyperion)

Oh, this one's a toughie! I think ... if it's somewhere I'm going to be living long-term ... I'd want to live in Tolkien's Middle Earth. And yes, I'm totally lumping The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy together here (it's NOT cheating!). Specifically, I want to live either in Rivendell or Lothlorien. I have A Thing for the Elves, and would love to spend my days at either - or both - locations, soaking in the elvish-ness, and just being blissfully happy.

Rebecca @ A Word's Worth

Whenever I selected this topic, I could have sworn that everyone was going to pick the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  I was wrong, which means that Harry Potter's mine, all mine!  I can't say that I grew up with Harry Potter, as I was in college by the time I got around to reading the books, but they're still books that I've spent a significant amount of time immersing myself in.  I think I'd love to live in the wizarding world -- post-Voldemort, hopefully!  Perhaps Hogwarts takes adult learners, or has continuing education courses for us late-blooming witches and wizards.  My inner Hermione is just dying to come out, if only an owl would deliver me a very special letter.

Go ahead and share your favorites in the comments!

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