Dear Jane Austen.....

Dearest Jane,

Can I call you Jane?  I hope so because I feel like I have known you my entire life.  Do you realize how important you are?  Would it terrify you to know that you have set the standard for every relationship in my life and created the ideal man for me (and every other female out there)?


Pride and Prejudice- we go way back. Pride and Prejudice was the first book I bought for myself- more specifically THIS hot pink hardback version of Pride and Prejudice. It has held secret notes, important papers, and has been read so many times it no longer lays flat or even.  Pride and Prejudice was my entry into "classics" and made me fall in love with so many other books that I never would have bothered trying (including that OTHER Jane the Bronte sisters imagined up).

Lizzie Bennett is the ultimate heroine.  She is smart but not prideful, humble but willing to stand up for what and who she believes in, and is loyal to the end.  As I read Pride and Prejudice I wish ardently that I was a Lizzie Bennett, but sometimes think I am much more like a Kitty or Mary- not someone who is living a exciting life.  I have faith in Lizzie.  I know that even if Pride and Prejudice had ended differently, Lizzie still would have ended up fine.  If Mr. Darcy would have proposed again (spoiler alert! ), Lizzie would have grieved and then moved on to live the great adventure that is her life.  Lizzie is the ultimate best friend, sister, and confidant.  She is what the heroines of today are lacking.

Mr. Darcy is in someways the original "bad boy".  He was terrible to Lizzie and yet she and we the readers fall hopelessly in love with him.  The climactic scene where Mr. Darcy professes his love for Lizzie is something that women thank you for every day.  It is also a scene that has set and incredibly high and unfair example for men everywhere.

  But I am not complaining... I mean you made THIS happen.....

Jane, thank you for Pride and Prejudice, thank you for the books and movies it inspired, and thank you for creating a heroine who was allowed to be witty and smart AND get the guy.

Forever your fan,


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