A silly post about what you search for...

... and end up at Short and Sweet Reviews.  I was inspired by another blog (childrenofthe90s.blogspot.com) and their hilarious posts about what people search on Google to end up at their blog.  I decided to take a peek into our Google Analytics to find out what people were searching to end up at our blog.

I was amused and a little horrified.

(DISCLAIMER:  There is a significant amount of snark in this and is only meant for comedic purposes)

Now, let me begin by saying that most of the search entries were "Best ___ book ever" which makes sense since we run our Best Book Ever feature weekly.  However, some of the more... unique search entries I wanted to share with you.  If you know why people are searching these things and why they might end up at our site- feel free to comment and let us know.  And please- if YOU searched one of these things to end up at Short and Sweet please let me know so I can give you a virtual high five (or perhaps a slap on the back of the head considering a few of them lol)

1. "amish girl grandparents house"

Now I can only assume that this is because waaaay back when I did a review about an Amish biography, or maybe the Beverly Lewis book I reviewed a little while back.  But why a grandparent's house?

2. "best book review ever"

*Blushes* Why thank you.  ;)

3. "blind man but handsome"

So a man being blind would take away from his handsomeness?  I think the correct phrasing would be "blind man makes YOU more handsome because he can't see you" 

.... I have no idea where this would fit into my blog...  I can't even think of a book I have read about a blind character.

4. "code names for best friends"

I know that my code name is Madame Snaggletooth and my husband is Lord Pottymouth Poopypants.  Or something else.

5. "girl rape" (see also "sweet rape" "raping a girl is sweet" and a whole list of other rape search terms)

Just no.  If you searched anything looking for how GOOD rape is.  The exit is that way.  NOW. 

6."how to reply hope you feel better and rested"

Why thank you.  That is so sweet that you care <3

7. "what is the exposition of the mockingbirds by daisy whitney"

Coughcough  *cheater*  I smell an essay question.  Hint: you won't find the answer through Google.

8. "vampire crying halloween clipart"

You're welcome.

I hope you enjoyed this short journey into our Google Analytics programming.  I also hope you are having a lovely weekend!  No new giveaways for this Sunday- but we have a whole MESS of them on the top right of the page. 

Have a great weekend!

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