Sort- of Hiatus

Hi everyone!  As most of you know, this blog is being run by 4 ladies- 3 of whom are very pregnant currently.  Ericka and Mandi are ready to pop and have pulled back completely from doing reviews for the time being (which is understandable).  I (Coranne) have been very sick (I am one of THOSE pregnant ladies) so I haven't been up to doing much other than laying in bed eating animal cookies and watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell. 

So all that to say- Short and Sweet Reviews is going under a bit of a change.  For the next while (I am not sure how long), there will be significantly less content on this blog.  I was trying to keep up the ridiculous pattern of one or two reviews a DAY  (mostly read and reviewed by myself).  I was reading a book a day- this just isn't possible anymore.  My first priority is to my 2 year old and then to my blog.

So what can you expect in the coming weeks?

- Best Book Ever posts every Thursday
-Reviews from Sarah
- Reviews from Coranne (once a week, maybe more if I feel up to it)
- Blog tours that have already been scheduled

I am so thankful for all of our followers and I hope you will stick around with us during this transition time.  Our number one priority for our bloggers is that reading and reviewing stays FUN.  We aren't leaving completely, just pulling back our unrealistic expectations of how much content to post in a week.

Thanks for following us, for reading, and for being part of Short and Sweet Reviews.


  1. You're all three pregnant at the same time??!! Wow, that's adorable :) Congrats to all of you and please get the rest you need Coranne! (that's so cool you're watching saved by the bell reruns) Your health is much more important than blogging and it's only until the pregnancies are over or you feel better, it's temporary.
    Do what you think is best and know we're happy for each of you as you prepare for the new babies :)
    Thanks for the update, blessings!

    1. Thank you! I would say something is in the water, but none of us live near each other! :)

  2. I wish you all the best, take care of yourselves and don't worry we will still be there when you will have more time

  3. I feel like I need to get a new cat, to keep up with you pregnant gals. <3

  4. Oh. I hope you all have a safe delivery. :)


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