Best Book Ever Book Dep. Giveaway Update- Important

If you took part in the Best Book Ever Book Depository Giveaway and you haven't heard about a winner- there is a reason.  It seems that Google decided to take over my Google Documents because apparently my contest goes against the 'Terms of Service".  I am waiting for them to review my case- and when I get the document back, I can pick a winner.  If for some reason I can't get the document back- I will figure out something to do. Thank you for your patience!


  1. i hope they will hear you out but don't worry no one will be angry with you for that ( nobody should at least). it can happen

    thanks you for keeping us updated

    all the best

  2. wow, i haven't heard that happen before. i don't remember anything strange with your doc...

  3., that just made the book 1984 flash in my mind for a brief moment. Hope things work out, you get your document back and all can be well in Short and Sweet Reviews land.


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