The Mayfair Moon Blog Tour: Review

The Mayfair Moon by JA Redmerski

 After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen-year-old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family.

Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine: residents come down with an unexplainable ‘illness’ and some disappear. In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant about keeping Adria safe, even from her sister whom he has warned her to stay away from.

As unspeakable secrets unfold all around Adria, impossible choices become hers to bear. Ultimately, no matter what path she takes, her life and the lives of those she loves will be in peril. As she learns about the werewolf world she also learns why her place in it will change the destinies of many.

My Review:

 I loved this book.  LOVED it.  There are not many books out there that have made me obsessive, but this book is one of them.  I can't stop thinking about this book!  The characters, the shocking events- this book was fantastic!  The main storyline is familiar to young adult readers.  A teenage girl finds herself tied into a very beautiful family that has secret powers and has an undying love for one of those family members.  However, the way that the author has written this book is new, fresh, and should absolutely be on your reading list.

Indie and small publisher books sometimes get a bad rap for not being as good as books from large publishers.  This book has absolutely blown that ridiculous stereotype out the window.  This book NEEDS exposure because without a doubt it DESERVES it.  I wish I could stand at a book store and hand this book out- everyone needs to read it- it is simply THAT good.

I will say, however, that this book may not be for younger ya readers- especially sensitive ones.  There are specific scenes that may not be as enjoyable for younger readers as much.  If you love paranormal ya- I think you will absolutely love this book!

 Feel free to hop along the other stops on The Mayfair Moon tour and sign up to win a copy for yourself!

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