Princess Stories

Princess Stories
By Carolyn Larsen
Published by Tyndale House
Published on January 1, 2012

Summary taken from Amazon:

Little princesses will love reading about the women of the Bible. They will learn about the loyalty of Ruth, the wisdom of Deborah, and the courage of Esther . . . and so much more.

Most important, girls will discover that they, too, are princesses—daughters of the King. As they look into these stories, they’ll learn to love God and to follow his Word.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most special princess of all?
You, special princess, are the daughter of the King.
You’re more precious to him than any other thing!

Open this book and help your daughter find value and purpose in living as God’s little princess!

I think this is a great book. One of the best parts about it is that it can grow with your child. My husband and I have been reading the stories to our one year old before bed, and she loves the colorful pictures and the time with Mom and Dad.
As she gets older, I am confident that she’ll also love the way the stories are told. I like the fact that the stories are written from the perspective of the “princess” that the story is about. So, while they’re biblically-based stories, they are interesting for kids to read because they have personal aspects about how the character may have been feeling at the time.
                And when she gets even older, I look forward to talking with her about the questions that Carolyn Larsen wrote at the end of each story. They’re great questions that aren’t too difficult but reinforce the main point of the story so the kids retain some of the information.

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