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First of all, I want to thank Coranne and Mandi for this amazing opportunity, and for this awesome week they are hosting for Indie Authors. I am looking forward to the posts and the new books this week. :)

I am an Indie Author. I published my first book, Seeds of Discovery in September of last year. It's the first book in a planned four-part series. Book Two, Roots of Insight, released on January 9th, and Book Three has an anticipated release date sometime this spring.

For my guest post today, I decided to share with you an excerpt from Seeds of Discovery, and then an interview I conducted with one of the main characters, William Rose.

She had never worn such a long, heavy dress before; it took several steps down the long hall before she felt balanced. The long, curving staircase in the main hall was another matter altogether. Linnea had to hold her by the elbow the entire time; she couldn’t figure out how to keep the hem of the dress from getting under her feet. The borrowed heels she was wearing didn’t help, either.
“I am going to fall flat on my face in front of your entire family - what will they think of me then?” she complained to Linnea when they reached the wide landing halfway down.
“Oh, we already know that balance is a problem for you; it’ll just become a nightly habit for Will, stitching you back together again,” the familiar voice came from behind them on the stairs, and the girls turned to see Thomas running down the steps toward them.
Quinn narrowed her eyes at him, “Not funny.”
Thomas smiled back, “Yes, it is funny. Although, it would be a tragedy to mess up that dress. You, my lady, are dazzling.”
“It is charming on her, isn’t it?” Linnea reached up to Thomas’ shoulder, brushing away a nearly-invisible piece of lint from his shoulder. Quinn was startled by his outfit. Dressed as he was, Thomas looked truly like a prince from another world. Over his white, button-down shirt, he wore a purple velvet cape, fastened at the base of his neck by a silver bar with circular designs at each end. Something about the designs felt familiar to Quinn, but she couldn’t place what. Atop his head was a purple velvet beret with a silver medallion of the same design in the center.
“Indeed; I take it this was your work, darling sister? You are quite lovely this evening yourself.”
Quinn agreed. Linnea’s dress was a soft cream color, overlaid with thin crisscrossing stripes in a purple that nearly matched Thomas’ cape. The light color set off Linnea’s dark curls and gray eyes.
“Always with the compliments, Sir Thomas, the Charming.” Linnea’s smile was teasing.
“It’s in my nature, little sister. Would it be too much for me to ask for the pleasure of escorting two exquisite ladies downstairs?” Without waiting for an answer, Thomas took Linnea’s place at Quinn’s elbow, deftly assisting her the rest of the way down the stairs.
“Where is William? He came back with you, didn’t he?” Linnea asked.
“He’s back, already in the dining room probably. Doesn’t know a thing about taking time to dress for the ladies, you know,” Thomas chuckled.
“How are things in Mistle Village?” Linnea wondered.
“Calm, for now. We’ve left them with enough supplies to get them through until after the ceremony.” Quinn had no idea what they were talking about, but she noticed a concerned look in Thomas’ eyes that belied his cheerful grin.
Walking into the dining room was exactly like stepping into a scene from a movie, Quinn thought. The longest table she had ever seen stretched through the center of the large room. The table was draped in a purple cloth and set with beautiful silver dishes. Arrangements of fresh flowers in a variety of colors created centerpieces every few feet, lit softly by candles placed in the middle.
There were people all over the room standing in friendly groups. The women were all dressed in beautiful, flowing gowns, and the men in elegant suits.
Young children ran about freely, often testing the sliding power of their dressy shoes against the polished marble floor. Off to one side, Quinn could see a cluster of small children, shrieking and jumping to catch the iridescent bubbles that a young man was blowing.
As Thomas led her further into the room, she was shocked to see that the bubble-blowing man was William. She’d never seen him like this, smiling and laughing as the youngest children hopped around him. Tiny Sarah toddled near his feet, and Quinn watched as William directed a stream of bubbles right over her head, grinning wildly with obvious pride as she grasped several in her chubby fingers.
Despite Thomas’ teasing comment about William not taking time over his appearance, Quinn was surprised at her reaction to seeing him in his formalwear. He wore the same style of cape and hat as Thomas, which made him look royal, rather than silly as she might have expected. He was - dashing, she decided. She laughed inwardly at the old-fashioned word, but could not think of a better description.

And now, here's an interview with William. The interview takes place between Seeds of Discovery and Roots of Insight.

When was the first time you traveled through the gate? 

The very first time I traveled through the gate was when I was six cycles old. I was always very close to my Uncle Nathaniel, maybe because we're both healers, or maybe it was just a connection that was always there between us. For as long as I can remember, I was fascinated with Nathaniel's work, and whenever he was home in Eirentheos, I would follow him around to the clinics and help him with his work.  As I grew a little older, we realized that there were so many things we could learn from Earth, that it would work better to have two people who had studied there. At the time of my first visit, Nathaniel was deep in a project of trying to learn how to bring hydroelectricity and wind energy to the Capitol city of Eirentheos. My father brought me through the gate to visit Nathaniel here while they were working on that project.

What do you think of this world?

I think there are many great things about Earth, and also many things I don't understand, or am glad don't happen in Eirentheos. The capabilities of technology are amazing -- the ability to use technology for healing, electricity, refrigeration. But then there seem to be a lot of people who use it to play video games on their cell phones, and they miss out on the kinds of relationships with family and friends that are common in my world.
How do you deal with traveling between two worlds?

It can be very challenging, but I'm kind of used to it now, and I don't plan on doing it forever, or even for as long as Nathaniel has.
Do you miss your family?

Every moment I am away from them.
What do you think of Quinn?

I actually like Quinn, now that I've gotten to know her a little. She's smart and she's caring, and I know she would do anything for someone she cared about. She's so stubborn, though.
Was it weird having someone interested in you?

No. That's happened several times on Earth, and in Eirentheos people are always interested in what the royal family is doing.  I just thought Quinn would give up if I ignored her long enough, like everyone else always did.
Do you want Quinn back in your world? 

I can't say I don't want her back in my world -- as I said before, I do like her. But I think it's a bad idea, and she has no idea how deep she might get herself in, and how challenging it can be to divide yourself between two worlds. At least for my part, the only people I'm hiding and keeping secrets from are strangers. If Quinn were to come back to my world, she would have to lie and hide from her family and friends, and I think she'll get hurt.

If any of this has interested you, please stop by my blog to learn more about the Dusk Gate Chronicles.

Seeds of Discovery and Roots of Insight are both available at, and Seeds of Discovery is on sale right now for just 99 cents!

You can also find out more about me and my books at Goodreads.

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