Best Book Ever: Good Guy Gets the Girl

Welcome to Best Book Ever!  In honor of Valentine's Day- we wanted to talk about some of our favorite books where the "dark brooding bad boy" doesn't always win. Sometimes it seems like that never happens- but trust us, it does!

Warning:  Obviously if you are reading that the Good Guy wins- you are reading spoilers.  You have been warned.

Week 11:  The Good Guy (Gets the Girl)

Del is a sexual offender and a victim of the legal system. You ask how a sex offender can be a victim? Well, Del is only fourteen. His crime? Taking pictures with his cell phone. Because of one poor choice with her girl friend (who initiated the pictures), he spends his entire high school years as a social pariah. Del could be pissed off about his situation, but he isn’t. He takes the abuse from people that only know what the news published. He doesn’t tell anyone the true story. Until he meets a girl… She captivates him, but she’s untouchable. Or is she? Despite unbelievable odds and with the help of this mystery girl, Del overcomes his scarlet letter. I absolutely LOVED this book. I think every teenager (or parent of a teen) should read this one. The subject matter is strikingly real and relevant. Del’s character is perfectly written, and offers insight into a male teenager’s mind that reminds me of something I would find in a Chris Crutcher book. In fact, I think so highly of this book that I would put it next to Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak and Twisted. By the end of this book, you will be cheering for Del as he starts the next phase of his life! 

Alanna @ The Flashlight Reader

It's a toss up between 2 books for this one. SHATTERED SOULS by Mary Lindsey and CARRIER OF THE MARK by Leigh Fallon.
I find it hard to choose between the two because I love both books dearly. So much so I had mugs made of both the covers. 
I say SHATTERED SOULS because Alden is such a great guy and I fell for him instantly. Though it isn't your typical romance, I feel the connection between Alden and Rose and I love it.
CARRIER OF THE MARK, well that's in their because it was a wonderful story (it was my best magic book ever on here previously) and I loved the romance of it all. Adam is a great guy who I couldn't help falling for. Though we see that all is not simple for him and Megan, I do see that the romance between them is beautiful and haunting, the kind of love to last a lifetime. I really do hope it turns out to be a case of "Love Conquers All"

Cricket is the quintessential good guy. Not only is he loyal and devoted to Lola, but he's dedicated to his family too. This, despite the fact that his twin sister's ice skating career has kept them moving from place-to-place and her competition schedule dictates much of his time.

Add in the fact that he's quirky, brainy, and funny and you'll see why Cricket makes me swoon! He is definitely the type of good guy character who would've won my teenage heart.
Tiffany Schmidt, debut author of Send Me a Sign (2012 by Walker- Bloomsbury)

This is an easy one. It has to be JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta. It's one of those books where the beginning is a little confusing, but when everything comes together in the end, it's so worth it. But one thing I was never confused about was the characters and how much I loved Taylor and Jonah. He was a good guy when he helped Taylor years ago, and he's a good guy when he comes to her aid during the book. He's definitely the kind of guy who makes girls swoon.
Elizabeth Norris, author of Unraveling (2012, Baltzer and Bray)

I'm totally cheating by choosing UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand for this week's book, because the love triangle involves two good boys. Both guys have their moments where they're good or a little less good, but neither is "the good boy" or "the bad boy." 
Jodi Meadows, debut author of Incarnate (2012, Harper Collins Children's)

You know those guys who are nothing like you picture "Mr. Right," but there's something that keeps drawing you closer? In This Lullaby, Remy meets one of those guys. Dexter seems the opposite of every rule Remy's put in place to protect herself, and yet he's persistently, consistently still there. All the time. When she needs him, and even when she doesn't. He'll win the hearts of readers, but does he win Remy's too?
Rebecca @ A Word's Worth

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