I am Thankful for...

I am so thankful for.....
Harry Potter.

I know. Popular choice?  I was THAT person when Harry Potter first came out- I will freely admit it.  I was one of those people who didn't read any of the books, but declared them evil and that they were "what was wrong with today's society."  

And then I saw one of the movies a few years later- and loved it.  And then I read the Prisoner of Azkaban.  It was wonderful.  I had never read a book that showed so much imagination or captivated me so fully.  It was beautiful.... and I was ashamed.

I learned that the only thing I was doing by bashing a book I had never read was hurting myself.  I was missing out on a book full of creativity, love, bravery, and friendship.  I was making a fool out of myself.  I am more open minded about books now- do I read books that make me uncomfortable?  No.  But will I prevent others from reading them if they want- no that is their choice.

I look at my son growing up and I want him to have an appreciation of books- without keeping him from books that others deem "not ok".  I am not a fan of horror, or gruesome books, or sex scenes and I probably won't allow my child to read adult themed books until he is at an age where he can handle that (and handle a conversation with mom about the book).  But I won't go trashing books I have never read- that is just wrong.

What is the book you are most thankful for?  Share your link below and I will check it out!

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