Emotionally Charged

Emotionally Charged
By Selina Fenech
Published on November 1, 2011
Published by Faeries and Fantasy Pty, Ltd.

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Livvy always dreamed of the day when a rich, handsome hero would appear and whisk her away from her mundane life. She never thought she would be the one doing the saving.

Reading the emotions of people around her is easy for Livvy. When an earthquake strikes her city, a supernaturally attractive group of rescuers show her that her power goes beyond that. She’s now one of them. Special. But the dream life she’s been swept into seems too easy, and soon turns into a nightmare.

Emotionally Charged is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy for Young Adults by Selina Fenech. The story is a Novella (shorter than a full length novel, but longer than a short story).

This is the first Novella I have read.  I wasn't sure what to expect (other than it would be shorter than a complete novel).  I expected not to know as much about the characters and for the plot to move quickly.

The first chapter was difficult to get into.  I wasn't entirely sure what was happening (I sort of wish that I was either told there had been an earthquake or the it was part of the conversation.)  I also had trouble getting a good start with the main character.  I didn't find her likable at first.

The story seemed to take off after the first 30 pages and in a good way.  Livvy was discovering more about her powers and about others who had powers like her own.  The novella had interesting twists and turns and kept me wondering what would happen next.

I enjoyed that the "villains" were actual villains. The author didn't try to get me to like them.  I appreciate that- I like it when there is a good vs. evil play going on.  All in all, I found this be a very enjoyable novella. Having never read one before, I was concerned that I would feel as if the story was incomplete. However, I felt satisfied with the story at the end. Although I didn't get to know the characters on an in depth level, the store was whole and well done.  If you have never read a novella or anything by Selina Fenech- go check it out!

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