By Janet Lee Carey
To be published on January 2012
Published by Dial

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Wilde Island is in an uproar after the recent death of its king. The uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is fraying, and a bloodthirsty witch hunter with a hidden agenda whips villages into frenzies with wild accusations. Tess, a blacksmith’s daughter from a tiny hamlet near the mysterious Dragonswood, finds herself caught in the crosshairs of fate when she is accused of witchery and has to flee for her life along with her two best friends.

Not even Tess’s power to see the future can help the girls as they set off on their desperate journey, but she keeps having visions of a man wielding a sword. And when she finally meets him, Tess has no idea how to handle the magnetic attraction she feels for him, or the elusive call she hears from the heart of the Dragonswood.

In this epic romance, an ancient prophecy comes true in a way neither dragon, fairy, nor human would have predicted.

This book has gotten mixed reviews.  I can see why- having strong lead characters is incredibly important for a fantasy novel.  For the first half of the book- I didn't find Tess incredibly likable.  Although she made some mistakes, I never really felt like she geniunely felt angst about it.  I will say, though, that I think that the characters really do start to develop halfway through the book.

I was glad I stuck with the book, I really did enjoy it.  Once I started having answers about Tess, Garth, and the company Tess is keeping- I thought the book took a turn for the original and great.  There needs to be more fun and creative fantasy novels about dragons, and I am so glad this one exsists!

This book had a complete and satisfying ending- it was the kind that made me give a happy little sigh as I finished the book.  The fairies and dragons really take the mainstage in this book- don't let the synopsis fool you- this isn't a witch book (like other recent reviews I have done).

If you are a fan of fantasy, fairies, dragons, and a good adventure and love story- you will enjoy this book!

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