Top Ten Tuesday


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Top Ten Books I bought/ read based on the cover or title:
(in no specific order)

Number 1.

I am a sucker for a pretty dress- and this is one mother of a dress!  I was brought in by the dress and the fact that the model is an Anna Paquin look a like.  (I am a fan of Anna Paquin.)  I loved this series, and I loved all of the covers- just so beautifully done.

Number 2.

You can usually tell an indie author by their cover.  Although they are pretty, they are never as polished as a cover that comes from a publisher, which is understandable.  Selina Fenech fooled me.  I was expecting that Memory's Wake had a big name publisher like Harper or Simon Pulse- but no, that beautiful cover was drawn by the author herself.  That makes it even more special.

Number 3. 

I had no plans on reading this book.  It was something that I wasn't into (Shadowhunters? No thank you!)  But I kept running into this book (and City of Glass) and was drawn in by how detailed the book cover was.  I finally gave it a chance and was hooked!

Number 4.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile - you know I am obsessed with this book.  But look at that cover- it is GORGEOUS!  I wish you could see a high quality version of the cover- the entire story is in that picture.  It blows me away every time I look at it!

Number 5.

I stumbled across this one while browsing on Amazon.  I thought- red dress, pretty girl, looks interesting!  And I am so glad I found it!

Number 6.

This is another cover that I am not doing justice- it is so intricate, so beautiful, I requested it simply so I could see the cover in my hands.  It is beautiful and the story lived up to the cover :)

Number 7. 

I wasn't sold on this cover until I saw it in real life.  It really does glow (not in a weird radioactive way, but in a beautiful shimmery way).  The story caught me by surprise too- I didn't expect to like it as much as I did!

Number 8.

If you have looked at this cover in real life- you need no explanation. This cover is... well... I can't even find words for it- just spectacular.

Number 9.

This is the corset that started it all for me.  This was my first foray into young adult paranormal fiction.  This will always have a special place in my heart.

Number 10.

Golden sparkly lips- need I say more?

Feel free to leave a link below for your top ten list and I will come check it out!

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