Grace Awakening- You need to read this book!

Grace Awakening
By Shawn Bird
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Published by Lintusen Press
Published July 2011

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Grace Awakening Book One: Awakening Dreams is an urban fantasy YA novel set in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Within the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Greek gods are walking among the population and a battle is unfolding to the destroy love, beauty and radiance that makes all art and music possible. Grace only knows that she is incapacitated by the music of Ben, who seems sure that he's been in love with her forever. She also knows that she has become the target of mysterious attacks in school and around the city. As she awakens to the connection her dreams have to another world, Grace realizes she has a bigger destiny than she could have imagined. In Grace Awakening modern first love is entangled with ancient myth. It's Twilight meets Percy Jackson.

First of all, I know many people could be put off that Grace Awakening is compared to Twilight.  I have to say- I don't really find them comparable.  They are both excellent books, but beyond the fact that they are urban fantasy set in a high school, they really don't have a great deal in common.  I would compare Grace Awakening more with The Goddess Test, Falling Under, or Sweet Venom.  Mythology runs deep throughout this book.  I love that the author doesn't explain who each god and goddess is.  There is an expectation that the reader is smart enough to find out for themselves.  I like that a great deal.  Trust me, you will want to catch up on your mythology while you are reading- it is totally throughout the book. 
The author begins each chapter with poetry that relates to the mythology in the book.  The storyline is shrouded in mystery- who is Grace?  Who is Ben?  And more importantly- who is trying to kill Grace?  I think it is brilliant that the author decided to keep the readers in the dark with Grace, instead of telling us everything that Grace will find out in advance.  I love feeling "in" the story and as lost and confused as Grace.  It also made me want to keep reading.  The pacing of this book was excellent.  There were no dragging parts and the action was high throughout the entire story.

The ending was cut off- in anticipation of book two.  I have to say- I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book! If you are unfamiliar with Indie authors or Indie books, please give this book a try- it is worth every penny and more!

I am excited to read more from this debut author.  I am positive that she will do well with Grace Awakening.

Check back with us tomorrow as I will be interviewing Grace, Ben, and Josh- three of the wonderful characters from Grace Awakening!

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