“Good characters make you feel like you have new friends, don’t they? You have to re-read the books just to visit with them again. Grace Awakening. Book one: Awakening Dreams”
Shawn L. Bird,
Grace Awakening

I am excited today to bring you a special blog post.  Shawn L. Bird, author of Grace Awakening has created a discussion for all of us to enjoy between the main characters of her debut novel.  If you haven't read my review for Grace Awakening yet- go here please.  I hope you enjoy getting to know the characters better, and if you would like to read Grace Awakening- it is only 99 cents on Kindle!  (Don't worry, it is available in other formats too!)

Welcome Grace, Ben, and Josh to Short and Sweet Reviews!  I would love to start out with a question for each of you in turn.  To help our readers get to know you a little better- can you describe one another for me?  Josh, why don't you go first... then Ben and finally Grace.  Josh- go ahead!

Josh: uh hi Amanda. It’s kind of weird to have been asked here actually. I mean, Beautiful over there is the star of the hour. Quit your blushing, Grace, you know it’s true. Everyone always wants to talk to Ben the Music Man about his brilliant compositions. I’m nobody special.

Grace: That’s not true.  You’re very good at incurring the wrath of teachers and school administrators. 

Josh: That’s true.  And occasionally that of beautiful girls, when they don’t want to be kissed. 

Grace:  Ahhh. Rrrrr.  Yeah.  Them, too.  Excuse me, while I slide over to closer to Ben here.  He looks like he’s thinking wrathful thoughts, himself, at the moment.

Ben, you obviously have strong feelings about Grace- what do you think sets her apart from other girls at your school?  (This question's purpose is to hint more about the Greek myths that run through your story- without giving anything away of course!)

Ben: Who can say what those intangible parts are that set any one of us apart? Josh’s observations, notwithstanding, Grace has a gift that draws attention. Can you feel it? She just exudes something special. Everyone notices her. I would prefer if fewer people who wanted to hurt her noticed her, but she does seem to charm most people.

Grace: I do not!

Ben: You do, Amata Mia. Quite unconsciously, perhaps, but people notice you.

Grace: Josh, tell Amanda the truth.

Josh: Sorry, Beautiful.  Ben’s right, on this one.

Ben: I’m usually right.  Ignore her scowl, Amanda.  She’s charming, she’s inspiring, and I love being with her.  She makes me happy, and she makes my music better.  She is someone who fits into all time, without being of one age.  She’s a classically mythical heroine.  She makes things happen without apparently being responsible.  It’s a gift.

Grace: Mythical, eh? Look who’s talking.

Josh, you disappear quite often, and for long stretches of time.  We all want to know- where do you disappear to?

Grace: Yeah.  I’d like to know that, as well.

Josh: Grace, you know better than to ask.  We’ve been over this before.  Need to know, Amanda, need to know.   Sorry.  If I told you, someone might try to kill you, as well.

Grace: Seriously?  Josh, do you have something to do with…

Ben: Girls, leave him alone.  I’m sure he has his reasons to leave town.   They’re none of our business.

Grace, I love that you are a strong person and you can really take care of yourself!  But whew, you have an exciting life!  Do you have any idea who might be trying to hurt you or why? 

 Grace: Thanks for the compliment.  Sometimes I am amazed at how lucky I’ve been to have survived some of the things that have happened to me.  Bombs going off, cars running me down.  Yikes.  I seem to have developed some really freaky instincts, lately.  To be honest, I suspect that Ben has a better idea than I do what’s going on.  Ha!  Did you see that, Amanda?  Look at the expression on his face! He totally knows something, the brat.

Ben: Grace…

Grace: Yeah, yeah.  I really have no idea who’s behind it all, Amanda.  I am just thankful that so far I’m still alive, and my friends are okay as well

Thanks to all three of you for joining us today on Short and Sweet!  If you want to know more about Grace, Ben, and Josh- check them out in the Grace Awakening series by Shawn L Bird!

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