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I apologize for my absence on here. The husband is sick and I haven't had time to post anything (and the computer that I am left with doesn't get along well with Blogger.  I have started like 3 posts, but they all made the computer freeze and shut down.)

In September I hosted a giveaway of Memory's Wake.  The winner has been contacted and has 48 hours to respond.  

Upcoming Giveaways-

I have some lovely "The Faerie Ring" Swag that needs to find a new home.  It is all signed and pretty- so I am thinking that I may do a book/ swag giveaway for The Faerie Ring this month.  I also am taking part in the Spooktacular (did I spell that right?) Giveaway Hop later on in the month.  But I would love your thoughts...

What do you like better in giveaways?

- A set amount of money to a book(s) at the Book Depository?
- A choice of books sent from me?
-My choice in book (recently released)

or something else?  I would love to see in the comments what you think!

Coming up this week:
-Coranne's reviews for:  The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Sisters Red, Jessica's Guide to Dating the Dark Side, Grace Awakening (and probably a few more)
-Mandi's reviews for Half-Blood (ARC), and the Eragon series
-Waiting on Wednesday and Follow Friday Memes (courtesy of Mandi this week!)

Thanks for sticking around and waiting patiently- we will be back to blogging soon!


  1. Hmmm...not to be blunt, as beggars can't be choosey, BUT, if I had a choice, I would choose the following:
    - A set amount of money to a book(s) at the Book Depository?

  2. I actually love seeing a wide range of options - you know, mixing it up. Not necessarily like having multiple prize options for one giveaway, but just having something different for different giveaways.

  3. I actually enjoy them both. I've never actually won a Gift card giveaway. So i think I would say that I prefer the ones where you pick the books or give a list to pick from - because its a better chance to win because I would hope that only people interested in that book would enter...where as everyone would enter a gc giveaway. haha
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read


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