Unearthly- Summer Reading Challenge


By Cynthia Hand

Published by: Harper Teen

Published on:  January 2011

Summary taken from Goodreads:

In the beginning, there's a boy standing in the trees . . . .

Clara Gardner has recently learned that she's part angel. Having angel blood run through her veins not only makes her smarter, stronger, and faster than humans (a word, she realizes, that no longer applies to her), but it means she has a purpose, something she was put on this earth to do. Figuring out what that is, though, isn't easy.
Her visions of a raging forest fire and an alluring stranger lead her to a new school in a new town. When she meets Christian, who turns out to be the boy of her dreams (literally), everything seems to fall into place—and out of place at the same time. Because there's another guy, Tucker, who appeals to Clara's less angelic side.
As Clara tries to find her way in a world she no longer understands, she encounters unseen dangers and choices she never thought she'd have to make—between honesty and deceit, love and duty, good and evil. When the fire from her vision finally ignites, will Clara be ready to face her destiny?
Unearthly is a moving tale of love and fate, and the struggle between following the rules and following your heart. 

This was a truly wonderful book.  I seem to be on a book roll lately.  This book had great characters, a non-stop pace, and plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested.  
The love triangle between Clara, Christian, and Tucker was painful at times.  It was hard to see Clara just drop Christian and see her fall headfirst for Tucker in only a few days.  I feel like the synopsis on Goodreads of Clara and Tucker's relationship is a little misleading- Tucker isn't evil, he isn't some bad boy, and he doesn't lead her to a path of horrible evil (or some other cliche).  I liked how Clara and Tucker interacted, and I have to say I loved how Clara didn't put up with Christian's behavior towards her and instead stood up for herself.

This book is lighter.  It doesn't seem to have the creepier parts like other angel books (Hush Hush, Fallen). It is a sweet story and feels light and breezy.

I can't wait to read the next novel- there are so many unanswered questions that go along with this book.  I can't wait to find out the answers to many of them!

You will like this book if you liked Hush Hush, A Need so Beautiful, or Fallen.

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