Tiger's Quest

Tiger's Quest

By Coleen Houck

Published by:  Splinter

Published on: June 7, 2011

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Kelsey Hayes is no ordinary college freshman. In fact, the eighteen-year-old girl has just returned from India, where she risked her life—and her heart—to rescue a handsome Indian prince from a terrible curse. Back home in Oregon, Kelsey is determined to move on, despite the lingering feelings she has for the man she left behind. She meets Li, a completely average guy who offers the promise of an ordinary, curse-free life. But just when Kelsey is ready to move on, Ren reenters her life, on a quest to reclaim her heart. Danger threatens their newly rekindled love and to save him, Kelsey must journey with someone else—a man who wants her for himself. The saga begun in Tiger’s Curse continues in Tiger’s Quest, as Kelsey finds herself in an epic battle between good and evil. From the shores of the Pacific Northwest to the jungles of India, the mountains of Nepal and Tibet, and the mystical realm of Shangri-la, this suspenseful tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption is not to be missed.

Epic.  That would be the word I would use to describe this book and this series.  Epic adventure, epic love story, epic danger, epic everything!  This book suffered no sophomore slump- it was pulse pounding sequel to the first book. 

I went through an array of emotions in this book- depression with Kelsey who was separated from the tiger (tigers?) she loves at the beginning of the book, elation, tearing my hair out at the twists and turns in the book.  I really don't want to give anything away- there were so many surprises and twists in this book that I found myself going back and rereading sections, in disbelief about what I had just read.

I loved that I got to know Kishan better in this book.  The bad boy -erm- tiger really does have a soft wounded side.  Kishan and Kelsey spend most of the book together and it creates a lovely romantic triangle for the next book.  I would absolutely not recommend reading this without reading the first one- you will be completely lost (and why on earth would you want to miss out on book one anyway!)

This series has been described as Indiana Jones meets Twilight- and I can totally see why.  If you have read this series yet- go get it, you won't be sorry!

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