Thank You God for Blessing Me- with guest interview (of my 2 year old!)

Thank You God for Blessing Me
By Max Lucado
Published on October 4, 2011
Published by Tommy Nelson

Summary taken from Goodreads:

Meet Little Hermie-the cutest baby caterpillar in the garden! Little Hermie's thankful heart shows toddlers how to be thankful for God's blessings.
Little Hermie is thankful for everything God has given him. He goes through his day thanking God for his many blessings in this adorable board book with flocking on the cover!
With over 5.5 million brands units sold, the new Little Hermie books open the wonderful world of the Hermie & Friends garden to an entirely new audience.

 What a sweet book!  I decided that since this book is for my little man (who is almost 2) I would interview him after reading the book to see if he liked it:

Mommy:  So little man, did you like this book?

Little Man:  Yes. Oh wooooow.

Mommy:  Did you like the pictures?

Little Man: (gibberish)

Mommy: Do you want Mommy read this to you again?

Little Man:.... no.   ((**Disclaimer- little man says no to everything, including lunch which he loves))

Well, there you have it.  Being the mommy, I loved the pictures- they were bright and sweet.  I loved how the book was constructed- it was a board book, but was soft on the cover and back cover (those tend to hold up the best with babies and little terrors... erm... I mean toddlers).  The rhyming was great and the book was just the right length for my toddler.  I would suggest this to any parent with a toddler or anyone looking for a gift for a baby.  (And although this is a "Hermie" book- my son has never heard of Hermie before and that didn't matter one bit!)

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