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    Q. It's that pesky magic book fairy again! She has another wish: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?




    I know the obvious choice for me- Harry Potter... but I think I want to stray away from that and pick something else.... I know what I wouldn't pick (enter any dystopian novel name here )... and I can't say I really want to be around vampires in real life- what if they don't like me?  Ha ha...

    I'm going to go with the Firelight series- how cool would that be for people to be able to turn into Dragons?  Sounds pretty awesome to me!




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    1. Yeah, the Firelight series is in my TBR. I really love dragons!

      New follower!

    2. Ohhh the Firelight world would be pretty cool. But only if I could be a Draki :) Great choice!
      Old follower!
      My Follow Friday

    3. I didn't think of the Firelight world. Great choice.

      Old follower hopping through.

      Here's my Follow Friday

      Have a great weekend.

      ~Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

    4. I originally went with Harry Potter too but then changed my answer. It's just too obvious. EVERYONE wants to live at Hogwarts. I haven't read those other books you mentioned, but I'm going to go check them out at goodreads now. :)

      Lindsey @

    5. I chose Harry Potter too!!! I didn't care if it was going to be the popular other world can live up to it!!! Great pick :)

      Here's my FF!

    6. Firelight is a great choice!! :) I didn't even think of that one! I love the dragons!

      I'm a new follower! Happy Friday! :)

      My FF

    7. I absolutely ADORE Firelight too! Turning into a dragon would honestly be one of the coolest things ever! :) But I can't believe I still haven't read the Harry Potter series yet! I definitely need to soon!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Coranne! Hope you have an awesome weekend! :)

    8. I think it would be awesome to turn into a dragon.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

    9. Hm, I've yet to read Firelight. Thanks for stopping by. Am now following your blog too :)

      Livin' Life Through Books

    10. I haven't read firelight yet. I really need to, ive heard some great things!

      My FF- Book Briefs



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