Memory's Wake- Book Trailer and GIVEAWAY!

Memory's Wake by Selina Fenech
(Check out my review for Memory's Wake here)

Born in 1981 to Australian and Maltese parents, Selina lives in Australia with her husband, an unnamed cat, and a lorikeet who’s far too clever. During her life Selina has found ancient Roman treasure, survived cancer, had knights joust at her wedding, been mugged for doughnuts and eaten every bizarre and wonderful food put in front of her. And now, she’s also written and published a novel.

How did Memory’s Wake come to be?

My first concepts for Memory’s Wake were back when I was in high school and really into comic
books. It was going to be a comic that I wrote and illustrated, but I never got past writing the original
script. Over the next eight or so years the story went through many versions, but generally was put away on the back burner as I pursued my career as an artist. I always wanted to share the story though, and in 2010 I made an effort to get a complete novel finished, rewriting the original idea from scratch. In homage to the early comic book origins, and my career as an artist, I’ve also illustrated forty-four black and white interior illustrations and the colour cover myself.

Why have you chosen to self publish?

Memory’s Wake was completed in February 2011, at which point I set about trying to seek traditional publishing. While I received some positive responses from querying, I soon also discovered that I was pregnant. I knew that the traditional publishing route was highly competitive, stressful and could take a very long time, so I decided instead to put my energy into self publishing. I wanted my book to be shared with the world before my time and energy was focused elsewhere.

What is the intended readership for the book?

Memory’s Wake is a young adult book, best for older teens. There is some harsh language and
violence, which is not glossed over, however not too graphic. There are also adult themes of death and abuse on a more subtle level. Readers who enjoy the work of Holly Black or Melissa Marr may enjoy Memory’s Wake.

Memory's Wake Giveaway!
The author has graciously provided a SIGNED copy of Memory's wake and some beautiful swag for 1 lucky winner.

All you have to do to enter is leave an email address in the comments below.  You do not have to be a follower, but as always that is very appreciated!  Sorry, this giveaway is for US residents only!  Giveaway ends at midnight on 9/30.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic book and I'd love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway.

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  2. This sounds like such a good book. I love the trailer! The illustrations are so gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. this sounds awesome! thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

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