BBAW Day Five- Blogging

The world of blogging is continually changing. Share 3 things you are essential tried and true practices for every blogger and 1-3 new trends or tools you’ve adapted recently or would like to in the future.

I still consider myself a bit of a newbie in the blogging world- but here is what I have figured out so far:
1.  Reviewing isn't always going to be fun.  I know, I know- I have been told, you should blog unless you love it.  I love READING and I want to share that love with everyone else- THAT is why I blog.  I don't consider myself an expert writer and I am not the most eloquent person (I try to compensate with humor ha ha).  I keep reviewing because I love reading other people's reviews and I want to be part of this community and this online discussion of books.  I have slumps, but I also have really productive weeks too!

2. I get my blog posts ready in advance- it helps SO MUCH.  If I get a large mass of books, I will prepare blog posts for each book with the pictures, info, summary, etc and save them as drafts- I have had up to 20 draft posts at one time.  It helps so much because I can just put in my thoughts and hit post!  Before I was spending 30 minutes on each post and feeling like I hadn't accomplished much.  Now that has changed!

3. Twitter.  I am not a huge fan of twitter- never was.  But Twitter is an invaluable tool for bloggers.  You can make connections, have conversations, and get to know authors and other bloggers- you really should be a part of it if you are a blogger!

My New Trend- It seems to be vlogging.  I am just not there yet- I don't want everyone to see me (and I feel awkward talking to my computer).  I am considering doing co-blogging with Mandi.  I could actually have a conversation with her about it- and that could be fun!

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