Super Mario Bro

Super Mario:  How Nintendo Conquered America

By Jeff Ryan

Published on:

Published by Penguin

Summary from Goodreads:

Nintendo has continually set the standard for video-game innovation in America, starting in 1981 with a plucky hero who jumped over barrels to save a girl from an ape.

The saga of Mario, the portly plumber who became the most successful franchise in the history of gaming, has plot twists worthy of a video game. Jeff Ryan shares the story of how this quintessentially Japanese company found success in the American market. Lawsuits, Hollywood, die- hard fans, and face-offs with Sony and Microsoft are all part of the drama. 

I got this book from a giveaway contest at Goodreads.  When I signed up for the contest- I honestly got it for my husband.  He is the one who is the "gamer".  He owns almost every gaming system, competed in the Video Game Championships as a kid, and can become a human encyclopedia for video game facts on a whim.  I liked Mario as a kid.  We had an NES and a handful of games.  I was admittedly never a great video game player.  I would lose 100 of Mario's lives to every time I got to the last level of Super Mario Brothers, but I kept on playing- mainly because Nintendo games are so addictive.

I really enjoyed this book.  The author has a fun, friendly, and light way of sharing facts that could be boring.  He writes the narrative in a way that makes me care for the employees of Nintendo and makes me want to cheer them on.  He is candid, though, about the weaknesses that he sees in the early Nintendo years.  He doesn't shy away from the negative aspects of the Nintendo corporation, yet handles it in a professional way.

I love the way the author has written this book.... it is so readable!  I felt as though I was sitting down with a friend and he was telling me all sorts of random facts about Nintendo's history.  My case- in - point?  Did you know there was a Super Mario on Ice show?  Did you know Mr. Belvedere played King Koopa?

No?  Don't believe me?

Check it out on Youtube!

  Wow, just wow.  I think the best part for me is the odd "Mae West" voice they have given to Peach... it is just, odd.

You need to check this book out.  Even if you didn't play Super Mario much- this is a book for any child of the 80's or 90's who is feeling nostalgic about the past.

Want to know more about the author, Jeff Ryan?  Check out his webpage here.  And then go check out some sample chapters that will be up on August 4th!

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