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By now I am sure you have seen the "Store Closing- Everything Must Go!" signs at Borders.  My husband and I went in to check out what they had- it was a mad house!  The strangest part of it was- the discount was only 10%!  I ended up getting a few magazines (Mental Floss) and board books for the little man- but it made me wonder...

Question:  How do you feel about Borders closing?  Does it affect you?  Have you already been to a Borders to buy up books?


  1. It actually makes me kind of sad because my Borders where was my favorite spot to write and read. It was weird to walk in there today and already see the cafe torn apart. :0( I will have to find a new "thotful spot." I went in today to buy up some books, but I too was not impressed with the 10% discount.... I bought some magazines instead.

  2. @Sara Bee

    I know what you mean. Our local library is really small- so for a change of pace, I would take the little man to Borders to run around and look at books.

    I have been hearing rumors that another book store might be buying up some of the empty stores (our local one included). I hope that is the case.

  3. I always used our local Borders as a getaway...whenever I was having a stressful day at work, I would spend my lunch hour walking around, relaxing and looking at the different books. I often walked out with a new book or two to add to the old TBR. I did visit our Borders again this past Saturday and like yours it was a madhouse. The line was from the front all the way to the back. I had found a few books I wanted to get for my son, but didn't think 10% off was worth standing in a line for two hours!!

  4. @Sunnysmileqt

    I know what you mean- I was shocked with how busy it was! Do you think you will plan on going back once the percentage is higher?

  5. I was crying when I found out Borders was shutting down. I loved it soo much! I went to all their sales and I jst loved the homey feeling.


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