By Alexandra Monir
Published by:  Delacorte Books for Young Readers (January 11, 2011)

Summary from Amazon.com:

After her mother is killed in an automobile accident, Michelle Windsor is flown from her cozy Venice Beach, California, neighborhood to the palatial New York City home of her grandparents, whom, due to strained family relationships, she has never met. In this new, wealthy environment, she is introduced to the family history through a diary that transports her back to 1910 and details a feud between the Windsors and the Walkers. In a riff on Romeo and Juliet, Michelle falls for Phillip Walker and must decide how to extricate herself from their romance so that he can live a rich and fulfilling life in his own time and space. 

I keep going back and forth about this book.  I love the premise.  It reminds me of a reverse "Time Traveler's Wife" or "Kate and Leopold" (the movie not the book).  I was hooked by the exhausting pace of the book and the main characters (especially Phillip).  However, I was a little let down by this book when I finished reading it.  The book seemed to go in so many different directions- I felt unsatisfied.  I really felt as though each section of this book could have been put into its own novel- it felt very rushed and sometimes jumbled.  And to be honest- the main love story started out very sweet, but then was completely unbelievable (is that giving away too much?)  I would say this is a borrow book, not a buy book.  I hope that the next one that comes out is better!

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